TV Recap

Betrayal is on ABC, so don't expect real nudity from Hannah Ware, but the premiere episode came mighty close!

Lisa Wagner showed her breasts in the latest episode of Polizeiruf 110

Defoe's clips all come from TV shows this week:

Caroline Bourg in Boulevard de palais, s14e1

Flore Bonaventura and Marie Coulonjou, in La Source, s1e1

Odile Vuillemin in Profilage, s4e7

Hot off the presses

Here are the topless protesters who supposedly got punched by a supermodel. The punch never happened, but the breasts did.

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"Da Vinci's Demons"

Season one in 1920x1080

Episode 1

Hera Hilmar

Laura Haddock

TV/Film Clips

Marcella Plunkett in Dark Touch (2013) in 720p

various women in El muerto y ser feliz (2012)


J-Lo in U-Turn