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Third party videos:

Denise van Outen flashes some fun stuff on British TV in an episode of Murder in Mind. (Zipped .avi)




The Daily Show's Jason Jones ridicules the trench coat, stick-mic journalism tactics of Cleveland reporter Carl Monday. Part 1. ... Part 2

The Rangers' Garry Matthews Jr. makes one of the greatest catches in the history of baseball

  • Not only does he twist his body an incredible display of aerial acrobatics, but his feet seem to be five feet off the ground at the time!

Screech Sex Tape: "Yes, it exists. Yes, it's graphic. Yes, you'll be able to download it soon"

  • "Diamond claims that he made the sex tape a while ago to show a group of friends, whom he says make similar videos in attempts to sexually one-up each other. The group meets monthly and scores each others' footage, awarding points for different accomplishments caught on tape."


Esquire crowns Scarlett Johansson `Sexiest Woman Alive'

Dodger rookie knocks in nine in 19-11 Coors slugfest

  • James Loney's nine-RBI total has never been bested by a NL rookie. (Fred Lynn had a ten-RBI game in his incredible rookie MVP year.)
  • The total also tied the Dodgers' team record held by Gil Hodges.
  • Loney had more RBI in that game (9) than in the rest of his season. (8)!
  • Kid may have some potential. He 's only 22 and has exceptional speed for a 6'2", 220 lb. first baseman.

RiffTrax - Mystery Science head writer and actor Mike Nelson offers MST3K-like commentary on mainstream movies

Terrell Owens Suicidal over Tara Reid Breast Reduction

Excerpts from The Republican Playbook by Andy Borowitz

Who will play Jon and Ponch in CHIPS: the movie!

The Daily Show looks at the Virginia Senate race

The Daily Show looks at the latest developments in Iraq

Letterman's "Top Ten Chapter Titles In Jim McGreevey's Book Presented By 'Former New Jersey Governor Jim McGreevey' (He's the "gay governor.")

  • 'From Schwarzenegger To Pataki: Governors I'd Like To Oil Up'
  • 'At First I Just Thought I Was Bipartisan'
  • 'The New Jersey Budget Crisis -- What Would Judy Garland Do?'
  • 'Politicians Who Left A Bad Taste In My Mouth'
  • 'Why I Don't Like Bush'

Jon Stewart interviews "outed" governor Jim McGreevey, Part 1 ...  Part 2 . McGreevey obviously has a good sense of humor. He had an interesting chat with Jon Stewart, in which he claimed that lying (about his sexuality) for more than forty years was the perfect training for being a politician!

Jon Stewart on Letterman in 1994

Update on Screech porno tape. It just gets better and better.

"Robert Downey Jr. is set to star in his first big-budget action movie - the comic book adaptation 'Iron Man'."

The trailer for Norbit , another one of those Eddie Murphy comedies in which he plays multiple roles. has a new 7-minute featurette about The Guardian has a new 7-minute featurette about The Guardian

The CIA personality test.

  • You are going to think that this is a spoof, but it is not. Look at the address bar! It is the actual CIA home page.

The Smoking Gun: Memo Details Hewlett-Packard Leak Hunt

Letterman's "Top Ten Signs The Earth Is Too Damn Hot"

This week's movies. Friday update.General consensus: it's a good week-end to clean your garage and watch some football.

  • The Guardian - 41% positive reviews
  • Open Season - 38%
  • School for Scoundrels - 23%

'Borat' now make benefit Kazakhstan glorious visit

Karzai/Musharraf Dinner: Official Presidential Notes (WHITEHOUSE.ORG)

'Survivor' ends segregation game

Paris Hilton's pedophilic new music video, Nothing In This World

  • It starts with a 12-year-old boy's head in a toilet and ends with him making out with Paris Hilton. You decide which of those things is less sanitary.

Online anti-gambling bill hits snags in Congress

Hillary and Condi sing at the Grand Ho Opry





Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Little Boy Blue (1997)

The idea behind Little Boy Blue probably could have resulted in a good David Lynch film. Unfortunately, this film was not made by David Lynch.

Jimmy (Ryan Phillippe) is just out of high school. He is set to move in with his lovely girlfriend (Jenny Lewis) and attend college at her expense, while pursuing a promising baseball career. That has to be better than living in a trailer in the Texas panhandle with his crazy veteran father (John Savage) and his docile mother (Nastassja Kinski), who puts up with all of her husband's abuse. Yet he decides that he has to dump his girlfriend and remain at home, because he is the surrogate father to two younger brothers, and he can't abandon them with his lunatic parents.

In one of several disjointed plot developments which eventually make sense, a private detective is murdered by the father at the bar where Kinski works. Our next big revelation comes when Jimmy's father orders him to fuck his mother. Finally, we learn that dad had his pecker shot off in Vietnam. Since all three boys were born after 'Nam ended, and we know who has been banging mom, we have most of what we need to solve the mystery twenty minutes into the film. The rest is revealed when Phillipe's real mother (Shirley Knight) shows up looking for her private detective, and a flashback shows where Phillippe came from. (In the flashback, Kaitlin Hopkins plays the younger version of her real-life mother, Shirley Knight.)

I tried to watch Little Boy Blue a couple of years ago, but the opening scenes turned me off, and I threw the disc into the "watch later" box. This time I realized that the film does get more involving after the first few scenes because it effectively creates curiosity to see the explanation. Unfortunately, that resolution is implausible and unsatisfying. The screenwriter struggled with a way to incorporate Phillippe's outcome into the outcome of the other characters, and the result was clumsy.

I have several other problems with this film:

  • First, and perhaps most important, the script reveals the facts in a very confusing and irritating manner.
  • Second, there is never any explanation as to why Kinski stays with Savage.
  • Finally, the topless scene and incest theme earmarked the film for an R rating, but both Kinski and Jenny Lewis have sex fully dressed. This violates the prime directive: "Once you have the R, the tits are free."

This is a C-.

IMDb readers say 6.3.

Kaitlin Hopkins, who is most noted for a 2 year stint on Another World, shows her right breast in a scene that is purposely dark and grainy to indicate a flashback.




One Shocking Moment (1965)

Directed, written and produced by Ted V. Mikels (The Corpse Grinders and many others), One Shocking Moment is a vintage grindhouse premise, a cautionary tale about rampant sexuality in LA, and how it nearly ruins the marriage of a Midwest couple. The husband was relocated to L.A. with a big promotion, and they are soon in a decent apartment with a new company car. Their neighbors are two female roommates, a great-looking woman who doesn't much worry about closing her front door when undressing, and a bi-sexual nightclub owner. The husband gets along great in the new company, and also begins an affair with the boss's secretary, while the wife sits home alone worrying. It all comes to a head at a party in "one shocking moment."

I thoroughly enjoyed the clothes. This was just before mod, and is what I think we called Ivy League. I still have a half inch wide necktie somewhere. This is what the well-dressed High Schooler wore to dances. In a few short years, fashion would make its way through embroidered denim jackets and bellbottoms, Nehru jackets, and then to the leisure suit.

The IMDb score is 8.7, but I am not nearly as enthusiastic about this film as the eleven IMDb voters. My IMDb vote would be around 6.5, if they allowed it, but I must admit that it has a broader appeal than the typical grindhouse effort, making this a real rarity because grindhouse is one of those genres that seldom has any crossover appeal.

Scoop's notes:

Colorful Ted Mikels is often cited as a strong candidate for the shiny, imaginary trophy awarded to the worst producer/director of all time, a claim frequently supported by the nomination of The Worm Eaters, which he produced, as the worst film. The Worm Eaters is virtually a Kurosawa film compared to The Girl in Gold Boots, which Mikels directed and which is probably one of the ten worst I've ever seen, and certainly deserves to be in IMDb's all-time bottom 100. (It was once in the bottom 30, but has since been edged out by the stiff competition. Astoundingly, Mikels has created another film with an even lower score, The Astro-Zombies!  I haven't seen One Shocking Moment, but I suppose that it will eventually end up with an IMDB score in the low 4's, consistent with the rest of Mikels's career directorial output. His career median is 4.2, with nothing higher than 5.4

  1. (5.40) - The Black Klansman (1966)
  2. (4.90) - The Corpse Grinders 2 (2000) (V)
  3. (4.48) - Mark of the Astro-Zombies (2002) (V)
  4. (4.42) - The Doll Squad (1974)
  5. (4.33) - Cauldron: Baptism of Blood (2004) (V)
  6. (4.16) - 10 Violent Women (1982)
  7. (3.42) - The Corpse Grinders (1972)
  8. (3.28) - Blood Orgy of the She Devils (1972)
  9. (3.05) - Girl in Gold Boots (1969)
  10. (2.55) - The Astro-Zombies (1968)

You may notice a twenty-year gap in his filmography. After a slow time in the 1980s and 1990s, Mikels is making a comeback in straight-to-DVD films in the new millennium, including sequels to Astro-Zombies and Corpse Grinders! He was 75 years old when he directed Cauldron: Baptism of Blood, and he's currently working on another new film. He also has his own website:


Maureen Gaffney, who had a brief career in the mid 60s both in front of and behind the camera, was very believable as a blonde bombshell, and showed breasts and buns in three scenes.









September Spanish Movie Recap, Part 1



Caps from Tirante el Blanco (2006) ... (4.1 at IMDb)

* Esther Nubiola

* Leonor Watling


* Ingrid Rubio

* Jane Asher

* Victoria Abril



Caps from Para entrar a vivir (2006) ... (6.1 at IMDb)

* Macarena Gomez



Flauti wrote:

The following films are "classics" from Spain. I'm sure that just about everyone in Spain has seen the farcical comedies starring Andres Pajares, Fernando Esteso, and Antonio Ozores. These movies were made shortly after the end of the long dictatorship, in the late 70's and early 80's, when Spain started to change and to break free from both government and church censorship. Many films tested the new sexual and satirical boundaries, reflecting the spirit of rebellious freedom which is found wherever people try out wings which have long been clipped. The quality of these movies is very bad (see the IMDb user ratings), but they can be very, very funny. They are filled with nude girls, men in their underwear, and wicked lines of dialogue.


Caps from Los Bingueros (1979) ... (4.1 at IMDb)


* Africa Pratt

* Norma Duval

* Isabel Luques



Caps from Los Energéticos (1979) ... (a whopping 2.3 at IMDb)


Sara Mora

* Ajita Wilson


Caps from Yo hice a Roque III (1980) ... (4.5 at IMDb)

* Belinda Corel

* Mirta Miller

* Loli Tovar


Part 2 of Flauti's Spanish film report appears in tomorrow's edition. (Two more new films, and three more post-Franco classics.)





Jo Beth Williams in Kramer vs Kramer


Georgia Anderson in Voodoo Moon




Pat's comments in yellow...

The Transportation Security Administration will allow small amounts of liquids on planes, but the rule change included another little-noticed addendum.  People may be required to submit to further inspections if they possess "Items used to augment the body," including gel-filled bras or breast implants.   

*  And they suspect EVERY woman of having breast implants.

*  Just don't get in line behind Pamela Anderson: you'll be there all day.

Vidar Kleppe, the head of Norway's Democrats Party, is outraged that an
elementary school in the town of Kristiansand ordered boys to sit down to pee.  Principal Anne Gjul said little boys aren't good at aiming and they're trying to keep the bathrooms clean.  But Kleppe wants to make a political issue of it.  He said,  "When boys are not allowed to pee in the natural way, the way boys have done for generations, it is meddling with God's work.
It is a human right not to have to sit down like a girl."

*  One of these days, I've really gotta read the Norwegian bill of rights.

Four female friends at McCulloch Middle School in Marion, Indiana, decided to wear matching outfits to their eighth grade class for fun.  They were suspended for five days after the principal mistakenly branded them as gang members

* Ironically, the requirement for joining a REAL gang is to get suspended for five days.

* There's no point in making jokes about a joke, but this is too good to ignore. Borat visits the White House to promote Kazakhstan's horse
urine beverages and pubis export industry.