New Brazilian series, 720p

Mariana Molina in episode 3

Mariana Molina in episode 6

Chris Ubach in episode 7

Giovana Echeverria in episode 8

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"Penny Dreadful"

s2e3, 1920x1080

Olivia Chenery, Nicole O'Neill and Sarah Greene


Sarah Power

Emmanuelle Boidron in Vive la crise (2017) in 1080hd

Dania Ramirez and Alina Puscau in Lycan (2017) in 720p



Heather Roop in Guns Girls And Gambling (2011) in 1080hd

Marie Richardson in Riktiga Man Bar Alltid Slips (1992; VHS)

Marie is a prolific Swedish actress. Even if you aren't into European films, you probably saw her in Eyes Wide Shut. (External YouTube link) This is a rare clip.

Kika Markham in Play For Today (s6e24; 1976; VHS)

Kika was a fixture in the worlds of British and European theater and film. She was married to Corin Redgrave for decades, and was once the mistress of Francois Truffaut. Although we have only a VHS copy, this episode is rarely seen. I myself have never seen it before, and there is no clip of it on Mr. Skin.