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Boulevard de Palais opened season 14 with a Caroline Bourg topless scene

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Wicked Lake


Part 3 of 3

Carlee Baker and others

Eryn Joslyn and others

The TV caps are from the original Melrose Place. MP was a soap centred on the shenanigans of the residents of 4616 Melrose Place. It ran for 7 seasons from 1992 to 1999. As you'd expect, there was no nudity but many lovely looking women.

These caps are from the third and fourth seasons and screened in 1995, and are almost a homage to Kristin Davis.

Melrose Place, season three (continued)

Episode 18 Another Perfect Day in Hell

Traci Lords

Tracy Nelson

Episode 19 Boxing Sydney

Traci Lords

Episode 21 Breakfast at Tiffany's, Dinner at Eight

Marcia Cross

Episode 22 And the Winner Is...

Heather Locklear

Kristin Davis

Episode 23 Love and Death 101

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Daphne Zuniga

Episode 24 To Live & Die in Malibu

Kristin Davis

Episode 25 All About Brooke

Kristin Davis

Episode 26 Melrose Impossible

Kristin Davis

Episode 27 A Hose by Any Other Name

Kristin Davis

Episode 28 Kiss, Kiss Bang, Bang

Kristin Davis

Episode 29 Framing of the Shrews

Kristin Davis

Marcia Cross

Episode 30 The Big Bang Theory

Josie Bissett

Kristin Davis

Melrose Place, season four

Episode 1 Postmortem Madness

Courtney Thorne-Smith

Heather Locklear

Josie Bissett

Kristin Davis

Marcia Cross

Episode 2 Melrose Is Like a Box of Chocolates

Kristin Davis

Episode 3 Blind Ambition

Josie Bissett

Kristin Davis

Episode 4 Simply Shocking

Laura Leighton

Marcia Cross

Episode 5 Drawing Henry

Daphne Zuniga

Hudson Leick

See No Evil


Samantha Noble film clips (collages below)

Les maneges humains

(2012; aka "Fair Sex")

Despite the strong sexual nature of this Quebec movie an explicit sex scene is shot at such an odd angle that only a fleeting glimpse of the naughty bits can be seen.

Marie-Evelyne Lessard: boob and bush.

Molly Maxwell


Soon to be released to DVD.

Lola Tash: bra and panties having fully clothed sex.


"Unite 9"

le saison deux

For season 2 of this Quebec WIP television series the bulldyke played Suzanne Clement has been replaced by Catherine-Anne Toupin who's playing more of a lipstick lesbian who also prefers men.

Catherine-Anne Toupin: cleavage in brassiere while changing.

Simone-Elise Girard & Catherine Proulx-Lemay: light lesbian action.

BONUS: Suzanne Clement nude in an episode of "Sophie Paquin"


episode: "Webb Porter" (s1e11)

This is not a bra-and-panties episode.

Nicole LaPlaca: upskirt in slip.

Linda Tomassone: sexy tied up in slip.


Exploding Sun

(2013 TV movie)
Charlotte Legault: sexy making out in car.

BONUS: Charlotte Legault: sexy but dead in an episode of Fred Vargas

BONUS: Charlotte Legault: sexy as prostitute in La Capture.


episode 1, season 3

Returns with the strippers from season 2.

Denise Measor: buns as stripper having sex.

strippers: bra and panties.

BONUS: Denise Measor playing stripper in a couple of season 2 episodes.

BONUS: Denise Measor very sexy in energy drink ad.

BONUS: Ashley Callingbull another Blackstone star and Miss Canada-whatever contestant in bikini.


season 2

Cancelled so no season 3.

Alex Paxton-Beesley: partial boob in sex scene.



(2008 TV movie)

Maxim Roy: alien larvae emerging from the top of her boob.


"Cold Squad"

episode: "Merv Doucette" (s2e4)

April Telek very sexy in this 1998 episode before she had robo-hooters installed.

Last but not least ...

Miley Cyrus: she does it again almost showing her maidenhood in short-shorts in the 23 ft music video. It's been a decade since she got her start guest starring with her father in the Doc television series which was shot in Toronto.

TV/Film Clips

Isis Valverde in Faroeste Caboclo (2013) in 1080p

Former wrestling Diva Candice Michelle in Sexy Girls Next Door - Season 1, Ep. 18 - (PB.TV)

Henrike von Kuick in Nord Nord Mord: Cluever und die fremde Frau (2013) in 720p

Lynn Collins in Angel's Crest (2011) in 720p

Vahina Giocante in 99 Francs (2007) in 720p


A series of Debi Sue Vorhees from when she was 19 (the story is on the first slide)

Dina Lohan upskirt