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Wicked Lake


Part 2 of 3

Eve Mauro

Eva Mauro and others

The caps for this week are from 1998 to 1999.

American History X

American History X (1998) has Fairuza Balk showing some breast.

Big Daddy

Kristy Swanson is in her underwear in Big Daddy (1999)

 and Leslie Mann shows some pokies.

Disturbing Behavior

Disturbing Behavior (1998) shows Crystal Cass' breasts

 and Katie Holmes shows some pokies.

Enemy of the State

Enemy of the State (1998) has Ivana Milicevic

and some other women showing a lot of cleavage.

The Gingerbread Man

Embeth Davidtz briefly shows the lot in The Gingerbread Man (1998).

Hell's Kitchen

A stripper show her breasts in Hell's Kitchen (1998)

as does one of my favourites, Rosanna Arquette.

 Angelina Jolie is in her underwear.

Idle Hands

Idle Hands (1999) has Kelly Monaco topless,

and Jessica Alba

and Katie Wright very sexy.


Amanda Harvey is topless in Kimberly (1999)

and Gabrielle Anwar shows her usual pokies.

Three to Tango

Three to Tango (1999) has some Neve Campbell cleavage.

True Crime

True Crime (1999) shows Laila Robins in her underwear.

The Unknown Cyclist

Some very nice pokies by Lea Thompson in The Unknown Cyclist (1998).

The Virgin Suicides

No nudity in The Virgin Suicides (1999) but Kirsten Dunst looks very good.

Wild Wild West

Wild Wild West (1999) has Salma Hayek in her prime, showing a bit of bum.

Bai Ling,

Garcelle Beauvais

and some unknown women look good.

Wrongfully Accused

Kelly LeBrock,

Melinda McGraw

and an unidentified woman show some cleavage in Wrongfully Accused (1998).

The Ruins


Jena Malone Collages

Laura Ramsay film clip (collages below)



Gemma Arterton film clip (collages below)

TV/Film Clips

Lee Eun Woo in Moebius (2013)

Andrea Montenegro in Wake Up And Die (2011)

Anne Schafer in Cindy liebt mich nicht (2010) in 720

Alexandra Ruddy in Passion Play (2010) in 720p

Alba Rohrwacher in The Solitude of Prime Numbers (2010) in 720p

Adelaide Leroux in Home (2008)

Amber Smith in Sin City Diaries Girls Intuition (2007) in 1440x764

unidentified in Sin City Diaries Girls Intuition (2007) in 1440x764

Anna Mouglalis in Real Life (2004) in 720p

Amelia Heinle in Liars Poker in (1999) in 720p

Beatriz Rico in Pesadilla para un rico (1996) in 720p


Ashley Smith in Purple magazine

one more of Gracie Gilbert in Underbelly

The women of The 18-year-Old Virgin

Crystal Baker

Olivia Alaina May

Lauren Walsh

Nostalgia: Demi Moore (see-thru) 20 years ago this month at the ShoWest convention