Cable round-up

It turns out that there was some nudity on "Eastbound and Down." It's pretty good nudity, but it's too brief and the actress is not identified.



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"The Pacific"


(this episode is in 1920x1080)

Claire van der Boom  samples below





Some edits of public and paparazzi pics

Ashlee Simpson

Jessica Simpson

Bai Ling


Chloe Sevigny

Cindy Crawford

Jennifer Connelly

Jessica Biel

Whitney Port




Deanna Dizadji in Love Letters: A Romantic Trilogy

Paz de la Huerta. God bless her. Nobody shows more flesh more often. She makes Bai Ling seem like a prude.

Eliza Cummings

Katy Perry

Adelaide Leroux in Flanders

Natasha Poly

Raquel Zimmermann


Tati Cotliar

Vida Guerra

Skye Parrott. I guess when your last name is Parrott, you don't have many great baby-naming options. Skye is better than Polly.

Mr. Skin has identified the bath babe from Spartacus - you know, the one with the giant jubblies. It's Laura Surrich.


Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller in The Edge of Love 720p

Guinevere Turner and Cheryl Dunye in The Watermelon Woman

Laura Dern in Wild at Heart 720p

Regina dos Santos in El Equipo Ja

Today's deutsche-babes (samples right)