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Entourage is the only one still going strong. This week the nudity was provided by Amber Lancaster. (720p Video by Deep at Sea)



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Cathy Lee Crosby film clips. Raw screen grabs below.

One film clip of unknowns. Raw screen grabs below.


Scoop's notes:

On the surface, this is a youth-oriented bit of summer fluff, a T&A comedy about a woman who succeeds as the men's basketball coach in a high school that hired her unseen, based on her brilliant sporting career and her first name, "Randy."

The film gets strange at times, however.

The most off-kilter aspect of the film is that she (beautiful, 30ish Cathy Lee Crosby) gets enmeshed in an affair with her starting point guard, and the movie stands aloof from any moralizing about their relationship. They don't talk about their age difference, and how it can't work. They don't talk about her abusing her moral authority as an adult in charge of kids. There is no external criticism of their relationship. They are simply allowed to be a boy and girl in love and enjoying each other. I guess the world has gotten considerably more politically correct since 1978, because I was genuinely shocked to see that at the end of the movie they were still a couple. In fact, the championship game was going poorly in the first half, because the kid saw his coach/lover kissing someone else. When they got it straightened out at halftime, he went out and played like Jerry West.

Another strange element of the film involves hypnosis. The team's center is generally a doofus, but he thinks he is Sidney Wicks (a former UCLA and NBA star who appears in the movie) when the key post-hypnotic suggestion is uttered. The coach finds out about it, and tells the kids that they have to win without hypnosis, because it's all about character and finding what's inside you. But when she's still down by 13 with four minutes to play in the Big Game, despite her lover's resurgence, she forgets about that character crap and decides that Doofus has to find what's inside Sidney Wicks, so she herself utters the magic word and becomes Champeen.

So we learn that all that character stuff is bullshit, and that winning is the only true virtue, except for having sex with children entrusted to your care. There are some unusual core values on display here, in a film which seems surreal by today's standards.







Courteney Cox in Cougar Town

Elizabeth McQuade in Masters of Horror, s1, e12

Leela Savasta in Masters of Horror, s1, e12


Sophie Monk!

Anahi de Cardenas in Mancora

Liz Gallardo in Mancora


Lucia Ojeda in Mancora


Elsa Pataky in Mancora



Carole Bouquet in two films: A Business Affair and Bingo Bongo

Joan Roth and Stacy Haiduk in Luther the Geek

Macarena Gomez and Raquel Merono in Dagon

Gloria Guida in La Novizia

Dedee Pfeiffer and Jennifer Gatti in Double Exposure

Elizabeth Pena in Jacob's Ladder

Victoria Smurfit in The Last Great Wilderness

Irina Platon and Ila Schoeppe in Baby (see below for sample captures)

Platon captures

Platon/Schoeppe captures

Stephanie Schoenfeld and Lilly Marie Tschoertner in Haus_und_Kind

(see below for sample captures)

Schoenfeld captures

Schoenfeld and Tschoertner captures

Kind of a surprise to me: Hayden Panettiere did a brief topless scene in I Love You Beth Cooper (capture below)

Anna Maria Muhe in Novemberkind (sample below)

Pascale Bussieres in When Night is Falling (samples below)

Meret Becker in Comedian Harmonists (sample below)