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Patricia Heaton

We're ba-ack!

For our return we go over to the TV side for one of my favorite mature and sexy ladies, Patricia Heaton. Patricia shows some nice leg on an episode of "Conan" from last fall.


Then some excellent cleavage from a couple of episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond (Except Scoop)."








Midnight Tease 2


Midnight Tease 2, rated a worthy 2.1 on IMDb, is a stripper murder mystery that obeys the Joe Bob Briggs rule - when strippers are murdered, another stripper is the one pulling the trigger (or, in this case, placing a bag over their heads).

This one stars some of the usual suspects - Debra Beatty, Julie K. Smith and Griffin Drew and Tammy Parks - and something of a newbie. That would be former Penthouse Pet Kimberly Kelley, who is nekkid for about six minutes. Toss in Kim Kopf and Erin Ashley and voila! You got yourself 17 clips of topless babes. The best this movie has to offer is in these clips - you do not want to see or hear what goes on when the clothes stay on.

Day 5: Erin Ashley









Altered States


Blair Brown film clips. Collages below.








I'm Lisa Comshaw


A one-woman show.








Notes and collages

Anarchy TV


Jessica Hecht (continued again ...)

She's best known as a recurring character on "Friends": Susan, the lesbian who wooed Ross's first wife away.








enter the DragonScan

Voodoo Passion

Is there any other kind?

1977 film from offbeat schlockmeister Jess Franco

Ada Tauler

Karine Gambier






This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Only one woman from one film today, but LOTS of running time. Marie Espinosa in Gradiva







Love, Sex and Eating the Bones


Very funny sex comedy about a guy addicted to porn.

(1) Marieka Weathered: robo hooters.

(2) Myrlane Afflact: pokies and partial boob.

Her Sisters's Keeper

(2006) (TV)

Lifetime movie featured during the sister-found-working-at-a-strip-club week.

(3) Meghan Ory: partial upskirt.

(4) Dahlia Salem: pg-rated striptease doing the laid-off-female-banker routine

(5) Janet McLean: sort of sexy.

(6) strippers: bra and panties. Ildiko Ferenczi is in the first two frames.

Blind Eye


Forgettable dirty cop movie.

(7) Shauna Nelles: bra and panties in bed after night of drunken sex?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

 (2008) (TV)

Another modern adaptation of the Victorian novel but no sex, nudity, or gore.

(8) Krista Bridges: brassiere only


"The Guard"


Global TV series about a team of Canadian Coast Guard rescue team with a recurring nudist played by Teryl Rothery.

episode 1 'Waheguru'

(9) Anna Mae Routledge: sexy as webcam slut.

episode 2 'Live Free'

(10) Teryl Rothery: showing as much nudity as allowed on Canadian primetime television.

episode 3: 'Coming Through Fog'

(11) Holly Eglington: buns and partial boob as lapdancer.

(12) Nattalia Hadden: partial boob having sex

episode 4 'When I'm Sixty Four'

(13) Zoie Palmer: cleavage in bra and panties getting into hottub

Cleaning up my hard drive...

(14) Krista Bridges: bra and panties in saucy photos in an episode of Blue Murder

(15) Kristanna Loken: partial boob in an episode of Painkiller Jane









Lauren Lee Smith

Camille Sullivan

Three and Out


Gemma Arterton

The Itty Bitty Titty Committee


Melonie Diaz

Nicole Vicius

Carly Pope and Daniela Sea

Flashbacks of a Fool


Jodhi May