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Eyes of a Stranger


As the film opens, a nature photographer finds a topless woman's corpse in the water in a mangrove swamp. News reporter Lauren Tewes seems more upset when reporting the death than you would expect. We soon learn why. Her baby sister was once abducted, beaten and molested, and she blamed herself. The sister, Jennifer Jason Leigh, has grown into a lovely young woman who lives with her, but is blind, deaf and dumb as a result of her trauma. Lauren has sworn that nothing will ever happen to her again.

As the killing spree continues, Lauren becomes convinced that the killer is a man who lives in the same high-rise complex she does, but in a tower opposite her. She takes it upon herself to investigate, breaking into his apartment, gathering evidence, and then harassing him by phone the same way he has harassed his victims. Her relationship with her sister has kept her and her boyfriend from moving in together, and he also proves reluctant to help her prove her neighbor is guilty. You are probably way ahead of me, and realize that the big finale will involve the guy, Lauren Tewes and Jennifer Jason Leigh.

IMDb readers have this at 4.7, but there are positives.  Eyes of a Stranger meets all genre requirement for strangler thrillers, offers the first screen nudity from Jennifer Jason Leigh (her only exposure before Fast Times), and gives us a chance to see Julie from The Love Boat in a meatier role. Even deducting for the film's predictability, that still adds up to a C- on our scale.

Jennifer Jason Leigh, in her first credited role, shows her right breast in two scenes. Gwen Lewis, as an early victim, shows breasts, as does Stella Rivera and two unknowns.


Jennifer Jason Leigh


Gwen Lewis


Stella Rivera














No nudity, but something light and fluffy today from two sexy women.

Brigitta Dau is in her underwear and does a very consensual "Babe in Bondage" scene.

Some nice pokies from Elizabeth Hurley.







Notes and collages


Holly Marie Combs, Season 2, Episode 16








Nowhere to Run

Nowhere to run

Sam (Jean-Claude Van Damme), is an escaped convict who takes refuge on the land of a pretty, debt-stricken widow named Clydie (Rosanna Arquette). Clydie's son, Mookie (Kieran Culkin), discovers Sam, and the two begin a tentative friendship. Meanwhile, a land developer (Joss Ackland) and his henchman (Ted Levine) plot to drive Clydie off her land so they can use it as part of their new project. When their magnanimous offers to buy are met with icy resistance, they resort to terror, but Sam's presence creates some unexpected complications.


Rosanna Arquette







Here's some very brief exposure from Virginia Madsen in Slam Dance.


Before she got a role on Babylon-5, Mira Furlan did some excellent full frontal nudity in Yugoslavian films. Here she is in Kiklop and Pismo Glava, which is not only a great beach, but also offers diarrhea relief.


Here are the women of Confessions of a Driving Instructor. (Eight vids zipped together.) If you are not familiar with this series, Tuna wrote extensively about the Confessions films in his review of Confessions of a Pop Performer.


Two stars out and about:

Julia Stegner

(Model, face of Hugo Boss)

Tricia Helfer

(Razor on Galactica)






Weeds, Season 3, Episode 7

I've said in the past that I'm not all that nuts about most comedy shows, but Showtime's series Weeds, which began in 2005, is flat brilliant, and also hilarious.

Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker) is a suburban mother of two sons, who must deal with her husband's unexpected death, and the financial distress that follows.

Nancy decides she has only one choice: to become the neighborhood pot dealer. With the help of her shiftless brother Andy, she becomes very successful, but of course, success breeds problems, and they come fast and furiously, and every problem is a blessing for us, because this thing is very, very funny.

Only a few episodes contain nudity, but this one, Season 3, Episode 7, which first aired on 9/24/2007, has some nice full frontal from two real-life porn actresses, plus a nice flash of pubic fuzz from Mary-Louise.

Mary-Louise Parker Jessica Jaymes and Kirsten Price






The Comedy Wire

Two teenagers in Des Moines, Iowa, were arrested for attempting to burglarize a liquor store very incompetently.  First, a woman saw them on the roof and ordered them to get off or she'd call the police.  They jumped down, and one looked right into the security camera.  Then, they allegedly came back and tried to cut a hole through the roof. But they forgot to take into account the overhang and spent a lot of time and effort drilling a hole that came out above the sidewalk outside the liquor store.

*  When dumb teenagers try to loot a liquor store, they never consider the hangover. 

Two Kingsport, Tennessee, men were arrested after they allegedly broke a window at a Walgreen's pharmacy, attached a logging chain to an ATM and tried to drag it away.  One problem: their old Honda Accord didn't have enough power, and the ATM didn't budge.

*  Ironically, they were trying to steal enough money to make a down payment on a Hummer.

The Art Newspaper reports on growing concerns about the integrity of some modern art pieces.  Damien Hirst's Turner Prize-winning "Mother and Child Divided" - a cow and calf sliced in half and preserved - was found to be leaking dangerous formaldehyde onto the floor of the Oslo gallery that houses it.  All four glass cases that hold cow parts will have to be checked and repaired at great expense.  Experts say the use of unconventional materials by modern artists has prompted galleries around the world to launch studies of how they can preserve these works for future generations. 

*  If only future generations could speak to us, so they could say, "Seriously, dude, don't bother."