s3e4, 720p

Liesa Kaltofen


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"Ray Donovan"

s5e1, 1920x1080

Lili Simmons

The Boy Next Door


Lexi Atkins was naked briefly

and J-Lo looked good

Within These Walls

2015, 1080hd

Kelsey Zukowski film clips (collages below)

Roxane Mesquida in Burning Shadow (2019)

Amy Benkenstein in Kruso (2018) in 720p

Pamela Flores and Julia Avendano in Endless Poetry (2016)



Keri Russell in episode three, season three of The Americans

"The Hunger"

finishing off season two in DVD quality

Nancy Ann Michaud in episode 21

Marie Josee Colburn in episode 22

"Dream On"

continuing season three in sub-DVD quality

Natasha Pavlova in episode 18