Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams

s1e2, 1080hd

Annes Elwy


Clare Holman in 720p

Jodi Belfour in 1080hd

Naked News

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Whitney St. John presented the Entertainment segment

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"Penny Dreadful"

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Olivia Chenery, Nicole O'Neill, Sarah Greene, Charlotte Beckett and Billie Piper

Olivia Chenery, Nicole O'Neill

Olivia Chenery, Nicole O'Neill, Charlotte Beckett

Olivia Chenery, Nicole O'Neill, Sarah Greene

Billie Piper



Maja Miletich



Johnny's comments:

AWOL is a romantic drama where Rayna (Breeda Wool) invites Joey (Lola Kirke) to a party and they hit it off so well that they fall in love. Rayna lives in 'meth country' with her two kids and a husband who travels a lot and who she refuses to leave which annoys Joey no end. Joey's mother encourages her to join the army as it's a steady job but Joey is reluctant to leave Rayna. Rayna convinces Joey to join and by the time her three years are up, Rayna will be ready and waiting. But on Christmas leave, Joey and Rayna fall hard once more and decide to run away with Joey going AWOL from the army, but Rayna's husband is never far away.

OK lesbian romantic drama that's also fairly frustrating as the toing and froing of Rayna, who refuses to leave her husband, is an ongoing issue throughout the movie and just when you think the two women will get together, along comes Rayna's husband who she's strangely loyal to.

Breeda Wool and Lola Kirke film clip (collages below)



Marine Vacth in L'Amant Double (2017) in 1080hd

Diana Cavallioti in Ana Mon Amour (2017) in 1080hd

Kristanna Loken in Body of Deceit (2017) in 1456x736

Erin Ryan in Making Out (2016) in 720p