Fappening: Round ?

Still slightly active and capable of erupting. In fact, Friday was livelier than the previous three days. Keep checking Other Crap for updates

TV Round-Up

Well, sorta TV. I'm not sure exactly what to call original web series and original material from Netflix and Amazon. I'll leave them in the TV round-up until I come up with, as they say in the Big Lebowski, the "preferred nomenclature."
The new Amazon original content includes a series called Transparent which contains copious nudity. Mr Skin went through the Full Monty for us.

Amy Landecker

episode 1

episode 2

episode 5

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


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season six

today: episode seven

Stacey Scowley

Going back to the French theme for a few weeks:

Page Turner

Déborah François is topless in Page Turner aka La Tourneuse de pages (2006)

Paris, je t'aime

No nudity in Paris, je t'aime (2006) but Chany Sabaty,

Li Xin

and Natalie Portman look good.


Audrey Tautou is very sexy and topless in Priceless aka Hors de prix (2006).

Public Enemy

The very sexy Ludivine Sagnier is topless in Public Enemy #1 (2008).

The Science of Sleep

Not a lot of nudity in The Science of Sleep aka La science des rêves (2006) except by a couple of unidentified pinups.

Aurelia Petit

and Charlotte Gainsbourg look good.


Yolande Moreau is topless in Séraphine (2008), but it is not a pleasant sight.


Olga Kurylenko is topless in Serpent aka The Snake (2006)

and Minna Haapkyla is down to her underwear.

The Stone Council

The delightful Monica Bellucci shows the lot in The Stone Council aka Le concile de pierre (2006)

and Elsa Zylberstein shows a bit of cleavage.

Those Who Remain

Emmanuelle Devos is topless in Those Who Remain aka Ceux qui restent (2007).

Towards Zero

Alessandra Martines is topless in Towards Zero aka L'heure zéro (2007)

and Laura Smet looks good.


Asia Argento looks good in Transylvania (2006).

Waiting for Someone

Florence Loiret Caille is down to her underwear in Waiting for Someone aka J'attends quelqu'un (2007)

The Witnesses

The Witnesses aka Les Témoins (2007) shows Emmanuelle Béart

and Julie Depardieu topless.

TV and Film Clips

Analeigh Tipton in Two Night Stand (2014) in 1080p

Jillaine Gill in Cut to Black (2013) in 1080hd

Jackie Apodaca and others in Night Moves (2013) in 720p

Dana Haley and Sara Murphy in Murder University (2012)



Laura Bayonas in Tender Summer of Lust on the Rooftops (1993) in 720p

Zeudi Araya in The Sinner (1972) in 720p


Classic revisited: Mena Suvari at the beach