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Wicked Lake


Part 1 of 3

Robin Sydney

This weekend's clips are from 1998 and 1999.

Today's teasers:

Kiss of Fire

Kiss of Fire aka Claudine's Return (1998) has Christina Applegate

 and another stripper in their underwear.

Love Stinks

Love Stinks (1999) has no nudity but plenty of cleavage by Bridgette Wilson,

 Shae Marks,

Shanna Moakler,

Tiffani Thiessen

and Tyra Banks

Me and Will

Me and Will (1999) has Melissa Behr,

Sherrie Rose showing the lot.

Traci Lords is a bit of eye candy.


TV/Film Clips

Lauren Ashley Carter in Jug Face in 2013

Pauline Etienne in La religieuse in 2013

Monica Bellucci in Des gens qui s embrassent in 2013 in 1080p

Lou de Laage in Des gens qui s embrassent in 2013 in 1080p

Aurelia Poirier in La cinquieme saison in 2013

Joana Preiss and Carole Bouquet in Mauvaise fille in 2013

Izia Higelin in Mauvaise fille in 2013

Mircea Monroe in The Black Waters of Echos Pond in 2009


More Monica Bellucci - this time she's in a see-through outfit on the set of On The Milky Road (2014)


Carice Van Houten in The Black Swans (2005)

Carice has now made at least four films with the word "Black" in the title: Black Butterflies, Black Book, Black Death, and Black Swans