Mary Louise Parker didn't equal some of her nudity escapades from the show's previous years, but she did end season seven with a quick flash of her butt. The season's plot ended with a real shocker.


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"Game of Thrones"

e10, 1080 HD

This was the end of the first series.

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Angel Baby


Angel Baby is a drama about the relationship between two schizophrenic people who try to make it together without therapy or meds. Harry (Irish actor John Lynch) attends a support group which has a new attendee in Kate (Jacqueline McKenzie). He falls for her instantly and follows her around. Over the night, they fall for each other and things develop quickly to the point that they move in together and fend for themselves. Everything is going fine, Harry even gets a job then Kate gets pregnant and they both decide to go off the meds. Then things go haywire. Their behaviour begins to change radically that it concerns Harry's brother and wife (Colin Friels and Deborra-Lee Furness). When kicked out of their flat, they squat at a construction site, putting the baby at risk.

A pretty decent look at mentally ill people trying to live their lives with a couple of excellent performances from Lynch and McKenzie. It's a tough watch, but it's well worth a look.

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Barbara Auer in Ich habe es dir nie erzaehlt (2011)

Luise Berndt in Tatort: Auskreuzung (2011)

Clotilde Hesme and Helene Foubert in Rivals (2008)

Emmanuelle Escourrou in Baby Blood (1990) in 1080

Melanie Griffith in Stormy Monday (1988) in 1080

Antonella Antinori in Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror, 1981. This is from a false HD source. As you can see from the stills below, some jokers just blew up a low definition print to a larger size. Here's Mariangela Giordano, also in Burial Ground: The Nights of Terror.



Ashlee Simpson can't match her sister's chest, but she beats in in most other areas.