Follow-up notes on yesterday's column:

Tuna previewed the Cold Around the Heart DVD and found that, like the German issue, it is missing the best nudity from the fullscreen DVD.  See his review below.


One reader alerted me that the Brenda Strong nudity in Skin Deep was done by a body double. This quote from Brenda is found at

"One of the reasons I took my name off of Skin Deep had to do with a violation of trust between myself and the director, Blake Edwards. To make a long story short, I had agreed to do the part based on  three great scenes with John Ritter. I think it ended up being one short one and a love scene. Needless to say he shot more of the love scene than he had promised, I got upset, and in the end a body double did all the nudity that looks like me. I took my name off the film for principle simply because I didn't want people to think I had done such a nothing (after editing) role, and did the nudity anyway."

The nudity is filmed with the woman's head turned away from the camera, and that certainly supports her story.



Natalie Portman in Closer:

The HDTV broadcast of Closer shows a definite nipple from Natalie Portman!


Third party videos:

Talk about the classic nude scenes! Nasty Kinski in Cat People. (Three .avis zipped together.)





"Boy, three, buys car on internet"

  • This is a real story from BBC. The kid didn't buy a toy, but a $15,000 car!

Letterman's "Top Ten Signs Osama Bin Laden Isn't Really Dead"

  • He's appearing in Atlantic City this weekend with Tony Danza
  • He's captain of the Muslim team on the all new 'Survivor'
  • Empty case of Yoo-Hoo was recently discovered in lawless border region of Afghanistan
  • During Fashion Week, he unveiled his fall line of turbans

The Best Video Games in the History of Humanity

Pope says Islam is "really swell"

The top ten movies of all time, as chosen by Leo DiCaprio

Headline of the day: "Toilet paper dress wipes out all rivals in designer contest"

The birds sing a sweeter tune. The sun shines brighter than ever before. Paris Hilton And Nicole Richie Are Friends Again!

A line rarely seen in a news story: "I have monkeys in my pants"

  • ... and they've been very bad monkeys, and I have to spank them.

Dog starts car after eating chip

The trailer for Requiem

  • A small town in the 1970s in southern Germany. Michaela, 21, has grown up in a deeply religious family, with a kind but weak father and a cold-hearted, distant mother. Despite her years-long battle with epilepsy, Michaela burns to leave home and study at the university. There, her first taste of freedom, her budding love for Stefan and her friendship with Hanna crack open the shell of faith and family within which she had always felt secure and protected. The result is a breakdown. Not a normal epileptic attack, but a frightening onrush of grotesque faces and voices. Afraid of being sent back home to her family, Michaela seeks help from a priest who reinforces her conviction that she is possessed. Though Stefan and Hanna entreat her to seek psychiatric help, they are unable to break through the dense religious and moral ties binding Michaela to her family, and leave her to her fate..."

Temperamental Russell Crowe says he doesn't "do charity work" for studios

A classic music video: David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling

Soldiers to be equipped with such blasters in future (Photo)





Movie Reviews:

Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe). White asterisk: expanded format. Blue asterisk: not mine. No asterisk: it probably sucks.


The Notorious Betty Page (2005)

The Notorious Betty Page (2005) is an HBO biopic about the "greatest pin-up model of all time." The story begins with the Estes Kefauver smut hearings, where Irving Klaw was on trial for bondage photos, mostly of Betty Page. The film hops around in time, and also in place, as it shows her childhood in a religious family in Tennessee, her modeling career in New York, and her excursions to Miami. Influential in her life were Irving Klaw and his sister Paula, and photographer Bunny Yaeger. Gretchen Mol played Betty Page, and if you compare her performance with the short of the real Betty Page called Presenting Betty Page from the special features, you can see what a remarkable job she did capturing Betty in the film.

Betty's early life could have been better, as her mother was overly strict and her father was abusive. Her first marriage ended badly with her husband also abusing her, so she set off to the Big Apple to get rich and famous in movies. What she found instead was that she was a natural model, and when she started working for the Klaws doing fetish material, she was making good money and becoming famous. Eventually, she left modeling and rediscovered religion. That is where the film ends, but Betty is still alive now and doing well, after a rocky time in her 50s. She makes no apologies for her nude and fetish modeling, saying she is proud of those photos.

Betty Page shows breasts and buns in the short feature. Gretchen Mol shows both full frontal and rear nudity. Note that New York shots were in B & W, and Florida was in color.

IMDb readers say 7.1. The attention to period detail was excellent, and also the costuming. The photo shoots portrayed in the film were based on real shoots from Betty Page's career. While presenting the career of Betty Page, director Mary Harron was also trying to show sexuality in the 50s. I would say she accomplished both goals, but the lion's share of the credit must go to Gretchen Mol. This is a C+.



Gretchen Mol (from the movie)

Bettie Page (from the short in the extra features)


Cold Around the Heart (1997)

Cold Around the Heart (1997) is finally due for release on Region One, but you might not want to rush out and order it. This is the widescreen version -  the best nudity from the full frame VHS version is absent. The only remaining nudity is some brief looks at Kelly Lynch's breasts.

This is a heist/double cross/road movie. Scoopy found the material trite and derivative, and I can't disagree with that, but a few of the twists did come as a surprise to me. Kelly Lynch and David Caruso have robbed a jewelry store, and three people are dead. The cops are in hot pursuit and gaining. Lynch is driving, and either pushes Caruso out of the car, or he falls when she swerves to avoid an oncoming car. In either case, she takes off and he is in the hospital under armed guard. He has no trouble breaking out. Now he is out after Kelly and revenge.

Along the way, Caruso picks up hitchhiking runaway Stacey Dash, whose father beat her frequently. Lynch stops at their fence to convert the rocks to cash, but he won't touch them. Then starts the cat and mouse game among the principals. Frankly, your possible enjoyment will be much greater if any of the many twists surprise you, so I will stop here.

First-time director John Ridley, who also penned the film, won the best director award at an obscure New York film festival which showcases minority films. Ridley is a prolific author, and narrates a regular feature on National Public Radio. You can learn more about him at the NPR website.

I score it C-. Genre addicts might not mind it because it is an adequate genre effort that. The same film made in the 70s or 80s might have been far better because the film would have benefited greatly from more nudity, which would not have been difficult to include.

IMDb readers say 4.4.

Kelly Lynch








* Le Temps qui reste (2005):

- Valeria Bruni Tedeschi


* Plan B (2001):

- Natasha Lyonne

- Traci Ann Wolfe


* Nathalie... (2003):

- Emmanuelle Beart


- Fanny Ardant


- Sophie Seferiades


* Manuale de amore (2005):

- Anita Caprioli


- Roberta Mastromichele





Jacqueline Lovell and Amanda Sanches in The Key to Sex


Michelle Johnson in Tales From the Crypt

I have never seen this nude before. It certainly appears to be Milla Jovovich, but I can't verify it or figure out the source.



Pat's comments in yellow...

Last Friday, a Canadian adjudicator ruled that two teenage twin sisters
suffered sex discrimination because they weren't allowed to try out for the boys' hockey team.  She awarded them $3500 damages and struck down the policy requiring students to play on teams of their own gender.  Now, schools are already getting requests from boys to play on girls' teams.  A Manitoba school athletic official said the boys were very honest and admitted they weren't good enough to make the boys' basketball team, but they said they love basketball and think they're good enough to make the girls' team.

* In fact, they're hoping to make the entire girls' team.

Andrew Bell of Tampa, Florida, called the police to report that he had been threatened with a gun at a Target store in a dispute over the last Tickle Me Elmo toy.  The new TMX Elmos that go into hysterical fits when tickled are so hot, they sell out within minutes.  Bell claims he was approached by a man who was angry that he'd gotten the last Elmo.  He said the man demanded the Elmo, pulled out a pistol and said he "had no problem shooting" him over it.  He said he couldn't believe someone was willing to shoot him "over this stupid Tickle Me Elmo freaking doll."

*  But when he thought about it later, it kinda tickled him.

*  To add insult to injury, that damned Elmo just stood there laughing at him.

A painting attributed to Adolf Hitler sold for $20,000 at auction in Britain Tuesday, despite experts' doubts that he really painted it

* But Mel Gibson claimed the painting just goes really well with his sofa