TV Recap

I was on the road and did not watch any Sunday TV, so I'm relying on internet posters for the moment. If we missed anything, I'll catch up with it tomorrow.

Rachelle Demaria in Masters of Sex (s4e3)

strippers in Ballers (s2e10)


Three from Defoe (his movie clips are below in the French section)

Charlie Bruneau in Loin de chez Nous (s1e2) in 1080hd

Laetitia Millot in La Vengeance aux Yeux Clairs (s1e6) in 1080hd

Veerle Baetens in Au Dela Des Murs (2016 TV mini-series) in 1080hd

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Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters

2013, 1920x800

Pihla Viitala


Defoe presents the women of Elle (2016) in 1080hd

Alice Isaaz

Anne Consiggny

Caroline Breton

Isabelle Huppert


Total Stranger


Zoe McLellan 1080hd (sort of -actually 1324x1020) film clip (collages below)



Lucie Laurier film clip (collage below)


Swiss model Nina Burri is REALLY flexible

Kelly Brook is probably not that flexible, but who cares?
She's Kelly Effin' Brook and she's stark naked.