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"United States of Tara"


(this episode is in 1920x1080)

Toni Collette  samples below





Models on the Catwalk

Found on the internet: a long-ass film (42 minutes) of some 200 runway models exposing various body parts. Includes most of the most famous models of the past two decades.

Scoop's note: presented here in six parts

Part five here



Sweet Karma


Something a bit new, next month's hefmag hefmate topless in a movie!

Sweet Karma is a Canadian stripperploitation flick starring mostly unknown Toronto-area actresses, models and of course strippers, many with Eastern European and Russian names. These collages are from the UK DVD. The PAL-NTSC transfer seems dark compared to the redband trailer. This movie is currently available in North America via video-by-demand with a DVD release slated for next year.

Shera Bechard is topless as the stripper lead, Karma. She's currently an unknown Canadian model but she's has shown her cooter as the Mystique magazine model Aurora Vaillantcourt and will be the hefmag hefmate of the month for November 2010, hitting newsstands soon.

Sasha Kovacs: boob and butt as redhead forced to strip.

The last frame of her getting a painful bikini wax is on the redband trailer only.

Anna Beben: bare butt and sideboob as blonde forced to strip.

Elitsa Bako: bare butt as brunette forced to strip.

Monika Pocsaji: fitness model topless as stripper.

Talia Russo: multiple Toronto Sunshine Girl topless as stripper.

Anastassia Erchova: robohooters as Karma's lapdancer.

Tanya Rusnak: skimpy panties as stripper pole instructor.

Laura McLean: brassiere as head alpha bitch having sex.

Amie Alexia: underwear as stripper.

Samantha Ramphal: sexy as stripper.

Tanya Maljkovic: sexy as strip club waitress.

Patricia Stasiak: Damn, she kept her clothes on this time,


More SPAZ tomorrow!




Andrea Morris in The Brothel

Sarah Lassez in The Brothel

Serena Scott-Thomas in The Brothel

Jessica Alba in Machete

Myra Leal in Machete

Michelle Rodriguez in Machete

Lindsay Lohan and Alicia Rachel Marek in Machete

Lindsay Lohan, Lohan's body double, and Alicia Rachel Marek in Machete

Ingrid Rubio in Que Se Meuran Los Feos

Irene Lindholm in Flossie

Mylene Jampanoi in La Peau De Chagrin

Iliana Ross in La Coquito




Lucy Ramos and Beau Garrett in Turistas in 720p

Lori Jo Hendrix in a timeless screen romance, Erotic Dreams III

Gina Athans, Julie Ordon, and Jodhi May in Flashbacks of a Fool

Alice Dwyer in Freischwimmer

Anne-Sophie Briest in Schlaraffenland in HQ. Haven't seen her in a while. It has been a long time since those Babystritch movies, and she hasn't stayed in shape. Sample below.

Shelley Martinez Double Feature of Cinema Classics: Getting High in the Barrio and Porn Shoot Massacre (samples below)

Shelley Martinez: Getting High in the Barrio

Shelley Martinez: Porn Shoot Massacre

And still more deutsche-babes from Sledge (samples right)