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Psycho Kickboxer: The Dark Angel


Psycho Kickboxer stars 5-time world kickboxing champion Curtis Bush in a revenge film. He is about to fight the number one contender, and has just asked his girlfriend to marry him. Meanwhile, his father, the police chief, is trying to put away the nastiest crook of them all. The crook captures all three of them, kills the police chief, rapes the girlfriend and cuts her throat in front of Curtis, then leaves our hero for dead. He is found by a wheelchair-bound special forces vet, who nurses him back to health and trains him for a street war of revenge. He starts by beating up street thugs who work for the bad guy, and local talk show hosts give him the nickname of Dark Angel. Tabloid reporter Kim Reynolds likes the nickname, and popularizes it. When Curtis Bush saves her from a mugging, she decides his story will make her famous. A drunk private detective joins her in her search, hoping for enough reward money to pay off his bar tab. This, of course, all leads to a final showdown, where Curtis must defeat the best kickboxers in the world in the ring.

The acting is poor to non-existent, knives go woosh, punches and kicks sound like stage slaps, and the story is totally predictable, but this film is great fun. The martial arts sequences, other than the sound effects, are top notch, and many of the deaths are clever. As an example, a woman is saved from a mugging by our hero. She puts her car in gear, and drives over the guy's head, popping it like a ripe watermelon. For those who appreciate the vibe of ultraviolent, no-budget bad movies, this is a must see!

Kim Reynolds shows breasts and buns in a totally gratuitous bath scene.

Scoop's notes:

The Mudd's Robot Paradox: B-Movie Version:

In order to be worth watching and to satisfy genre requirements, a crappy B-movie must include gratuitous nudity.

But, if it MUST be included, it is therefore not gratuitous, by definition.









Midnight Tease 2


Midnight Tease 2, rated a worthy 2.1 on IMDb, is a stripper murder mystery that obeys the Joe Bob Briggs rule - when strippers are murdered, another stripper is the one pulling the trigger (or, in this case, placing a bag over their heads).

This one stars some of the usual suspects - Debra Beatty, Julie K. Smith and Griffin Drew and Tammy Parks - and something of a newbie. That would be former Penthouse Pet Kimberly Kelley, who is nekkid for about six minutes. Toss in Kim Kopf and Erin Ashley and voila! You got yourself 17 clips of topless babes. The best this movie has to offer is in these clips - you do not want to see or hear what goes on when the clothes stay on.

Day 2: Julie K Smith









About Last Night


Demi Moore film clips. Collages below.








Centerfold Screen Test 2


Unknown #3








Notes and collages

Four Rooms


Sammi Davis


Scoop's note:  Sammi is now back in films again after an absence of nine years. She has a 2008 movie credit at IMDb.






enter the DragonScan

Who Wants to be an Erotic Billionaire


The film clips include: Bethany Lott, Vivica Taylor, Julian Wells, and Alison Slinger.







This section will present film clips to accompany Charlie's collages (which are found in his own site).

Several clips of Laura Smet in Sang Froid.

Two more women from the TV series Nos Enfants Cheris: Eleonore Pourriat and Laurence Cote







According to the poster (whose info has always been reliable), these are some caps from an advance look at The Spirit. This is the sexy booty of Eva Mendes.

Cloris Leachman is back in the spotlight with her recent appearance on Dancing With the Stars and her hilariously raunchy appearance on the Bob Saget roast. (In my opinion, she was the funniest roaster, and her competition was a bunch of professional comics. Here's a clip in an external link.) She is seen below in 1970's The People Next Door, showing off a nice trim bum. How old is she? Dude, this film is from 1970 and she was already 44! John McCain is constantly the brunt of age jokes, but he merely fought in 'Nam. Cloris is old enough to have fought in WW2!

And she didn't miss the Peloponnesian War by that much.


Film Clips

The women of Brandende liefe. The minor players are Eliza Naber and Zillah Emanuels. The star is Monique van de Ven, who gives it all up, front and rear, in good light. Well worth the big download.

Lebanese actress Rawia Elchab in Sous Les Bombes