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  • There are about 600 new pics in volumes A, B, D, E, F, and G of the Encyclopedia.


Pumpkinhead 2 (1994)

I think it is one of my better reviews. Lots of pictures. Read it at the Movie House.

The important thing here is Linnea Quigley nekkid:

Linnea Quigley

'Caps and comments by Hankster:

We spent the last 2 days back in 1973 with "The Teaser". So as long as we were there, figured we might as well take look at some Euro-Trash from the same year. So here we have a few 'caps from Jesse Franco's "A Virgin Among The Living Dead".

This movie starring Christina von Blanc has been released under many names and with various content over the years. In this uncensored version, the lovely Miss von Blanc reveals all in many scenes, and even has a "Damsel in Distress" rape scene.

As a bonus, we also have a little toplessness from Brit Nichols.

Christina von Blanc

Brit Nichols

Crimson Ghost
'Caps and comments by the Ghost...

First up today...Only Don Johnson had a good view of Penelope Ann Miller in this scene from the movie "Dead Bang." The rest of us are limited to fleeting sideviews in poor lighting.

Penelope Ann Miller

Here's a zipped .wmv of this scene.

Now on to the usual Skinemax goodies...

Skinemax regular Gabriella Hall doing her usual softcore thing. This time on a episode of "Bedtime Stories".

Adult film actress Dee showing off her lovely breasts and brown-skinned Puerto Rican bod in scenes from an episode of "Sex Games Vegas".

Here are a couple of excellent edits by Gman of Jessica Alba's recent paparazzi bikini pics.

Ultra-sexy "Desperate Housewives" star Eva Longoria looking fantastic on the red carpet at the 2005 Emmys.

Jenny McCarthy plugging her new movie "Dirty Love" on Leno.

Just in case you missed it, in the Friday and Saturday editons, we posted pics and a video clip of McCarthy topless in "Dirty Love"!

The Skin-man serves up a few 'caps of the young, busty and beautiful Canadian actress, Jessica Paré.

Here she is showing off her all natural big'uns as well as just a hint of pubes in scenes from the off-beat, satirical drama/comdey "Stardom" (2000).

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Other Crap
My youngest son has been telling me that his Wisconsin Badgers should be ranked. It seems he was correct!


Upset Steven Spielberg reportedly dumps Tom Cruise from his life.

What happened to the lovebirds?

  • "Spielberg is apparently still miffed about Tom Cruise's unscheduled layover in Crazytopia over the summer when the actor was supposed to be riding the War of the Worlds promotional express."

IN a minor upset, Flightplan beats out Corpse Bride for the #1 spot on Friday Box Office. To be fair, it should be noted that kids' movies do better on Saturday and Sunday than on Friday, so Burton's movie may still take the weekend. Roll Bounce slipped into the #5 slot, as expected, but was within a hair's breadth of 4th. Roll Bounce was actually #3 in terms of revenues per screen, easily beating Just Like Heaven ($1354-$834).

Lufkin Motorists try to get fuel from a pump with an 'out of gas' sign attached. They had to. They didn't want to miss the opening ceremonies at the MENSA convention.

Top 50 Science Fiction Television Shows of All Time

Soderbergh and Mark Cuban seek to re-invent movie distribution. Soderbergh will direct six films for the new Cuban/Wagner production unit, and they will be released simultaneously on DVD, on cable, and in 200 theaters

SNL presents A Peanuts Christmas.

A gallery of set pics from Steven Spielberg's Munich

Bill Maher for Save Our Children

Naked chick walks through the streets of Zurich

Cheney's knee surgeon will be operating on a jerk.

Bill Cosby's new concert demands

The history of Crayola crayon colors from 1903 to the present.

Latino Review has a new gallery of pictures from The Legend of Zorro

The Cat's Eye Nebula - the future of our own sun?

The record industry is now promoting something called Digital File Check - a tool designed to see if your kids or other users on your computer are loading pirated material.

Images of Japanese Vending Machines, including some excellent dispensers for octopus porn.

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