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Honor Blackman, who starred in "Goldfinger," endorsed Charles Kennedy, new leader of Britain's Liberal Democrats. This proves the first rule of politics. If a Kennedy is involved, you'll find Pussy Galore. (Good joke written by a professional gagwriter - Pat Reeder, the guy who wrote the hilarious bad song book, "Hollywood Hi-Fi")


This is MAIL call
  • Scoop, speaking of John Boorman. A couple of months ago I attended a Marcello Mastroanni restrospective in New York and got a chance to see Boorman's Leo the Last. The film is definately a product of it's time, mainly wacked-out, naive, nonsensical British films of the '60's, (God Luv 'em) but it does have quite a bit of nudity. The best scene by far involves rich capitaist pigs searching for their emotions in a swimming pool. Does anyone have a copy?
  • Responses: I've seen Blue Desert a couple of times and I dont remember a shower scene - the nudity in the sex scene is good though . Lauren Holly in Dangerous Hearts - again no shower scene but a few almost nipple slips before ( undressing ) and after ( trying to cover herself ) the sex scene . Kim Delaney in "Dark Goddess" aka The Temptress - lots of nudity , but not very good for capping ( you dont really see her breasts and face together + a bit dark ) . War of the Roses - I just watched that on HBO about 2 days ago , dont remember seeing the upskirt but I wasnt looking for it . From nmd
  • Scoop: Mitzi Kapture (Silk Stalkings, Baywatch star, owner of the most sensational checkbones and jawline in the universe with the possible exception of Mimi Rogers) is as good a rare bird as you'll find as a subject for nude vidcaps. The only ones out there are from "Private Road: No Trespassing." She also supposedly has a nude scene in a flick called "Lethal Pursuit." I am an inveterate B movie video rental hound and I've never found these two gems. I have, however, come across a rental called "The Vagrant," a delightful study of societal anomie starring Ms Kapture and Bill Paxton. In it, Paxton, a new homeowner being harrassed by a possibly supernatural vagrant, has a nightmare in which his fiancee, Mitzi Kapture, is done doggie-style by the homeless guy, who has by now transmutated into some kind of cross between Aqualung and a Yeti. It's a lovely shot of Miss Kapture on all fours being worked over by the man-beast. I re-rented the movie to make sure such a scene existed and that I had not invented it out of wishful thinking. And, there it was again: Mitzi Kapture on all fours getting the business and enjoying it thoroughly. Her actual erogenous zones are obscured by limbs, shadows, the camera angle, etc. but there's still skin 'o plenty and the very suggestion of what is taking place is quite delightful. How about tossing "The Vagrant" out as a recommendation to the vidcappers? Better yet, vidclippers. A longtime fan, Bluetick
  • Scoopy and Charlie, Cinemax used to show an unrated French movie whose name I forget but it was subtitled "Three Rakish Tales". A year or so later the same movie started showing up on Showtime and Cinemax in an edited "R" version called "Softly from Paris". The movie consisted of three short stories.... First essentially about spankings.... Second was about a maid getting tricked into sleeping with the two masters of the house.. and third was about a maid sleeping with the delivery man in a greenhouse. Can't find this movie on iMDB or your archives... Any idea what this movie is actually called, and do either one of you know of any caps of this film? Thanks, Koala
  • In the News
    Light bares soul, more in off-Broadway role
    By Linda Prospero
    NEW YORK (Reuters) - From beneath the shorn blond tresses, a pate as bald
    as Yul Brynner's emerged.
    Actress Judith Light, most familiar to audiences through her role as
    flaxen-haired Angela Bower in TV's ``Who's The Boss,'' shaved her head for
    the role of Vivian Bearing, a patient diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the
    off-Broadway play ``Wit.''
    ``I've been all about my hair forever,'' said Light, who took over her new
    role last month from Kathleen Chalfant at New York's Union Square Theater.
    It gives her a chance to dig past outward appearances in search of inner
    ``It is the most wonderful opportunity,'' she said. ``What has shocked me
    the most is that I actually do feel beautiful, but I feel beautiful now
    from the inside.''
    Light sheds more than just her flowing hair for the role. At a crucial
    point in Bearing's maturation from an English Literature professor whose
    intellectual ability has served her well in life to a patient painfully
    dependent upon the medical profession as she nears death, Light flings off
    her hospital garb, symbolically freeing herself from life's burdens.
    ``It was scary for me,'' Light said of the on-stage nudity. ''I thought, 'I
    don't want to do this. I don't want people to see me like this.''' But,
    stepping back for reflection, she realized, ``This isn't about me. It's not
    about taking off my damn clothes. This is about what this moment means
  • Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Bradley proposed that any advocacy group that runs a political ad should be forced to pay for their opponents to air a dissenting view. Republican chairman Jim Nicholson branded it the "goofiest" idea of the campaign season, saying it's not only unconstitutional, but if the NAACP ran a commercial for tolerance, it would have to pay for the KKK to air the opposing view.
  • Flight attendants tell Salon magazine that the combination of liquor, boredom, darkness and relaxed dress on airlines has made people ridiculously shameless about joining the "mile high club." Some things they've seen: a couple having sex in the bathroom while the woman screamed and attendants pounded on the door. And an attendant once pulled a blanket off a man's lap and found a woman under it giving him oral sex. She told them, "This is not appropriate behavior for business class." (They left out the last two word of the quote ",Mr. President". I guess it must be OK in First Class, possibly even included with your fare on some of the more deluxe carriers.)
  • More Excalibur
  • I discussed Excalibur yesterday. Here are a couple more frames of Helen Mirren
  • Helen Mirren
  • Here are five collages of Cherie Lunghi, the woman who played Guenevere. She has continued to work steadily since, perhaps not as a headliner, but as a dependable ensemble player in movie and TV series.
  • Cherie Lunghi
  • Cherie Lunghi
  • Cherie Lunghi
  • Cherie Lunghi
  • The other female star, the woman who played Arthur's mother, wasn't all that attractive, and she didn't dance that well, and she wasn't that great an actress either. She did have one important qualification for the job. She was John Boorman's daughter, Katrine. By this revised standard, comparing her to Sofia Coppola, she appears to have the acting skills of Streep, the looks of Jacqueline Smith, and the combined dancing skills of Hammer and Baryshnikov.
  • Boorman. Also seen with her in these scenes is a young and then relatively unknown Dubliner, Gabriel Byrne. This movie was his debut in theatrical films, although he had done TV work earlier. The movie also features others in minor roles who were to become far more famous than Byrne, like Captain Picard and Oskar Schindler, for example.
  • Boorman
  • Boorman
  • Boorman
  • Tuna
  • Claire Stansfield in "Bounty Hunter"
  • Ely Pouget in "Weekend Pass"
  • Jessica Lange with her legs in the air, as requested, though I don't see anything except Dennis Quaid's butt.
  • Paula Barbieri in "Double or Nothing"
  • More Pirelli
  • from the 95 Pirelli calendar, high quality scans from Czechmate 95. This is December. I'm not great on model ID's, but I think this is Christy Turlington
  • April. Farrah Summerford.
  • July. Naomi
  • September. Naomi
  • November. Christy
  • March. Nadja Auermann, I think.
  • More Model Flesh from Blinky
  • Blinky the three-eyed fish isn't an imager or an editor. He just pores through the model sites for stuff we might like to see. The images are small and load fast. Aurelie Claudel
  • Esther Canadas and others.
  • Esther DeJong.
  • anon.
  • anon.
  • anon. ID these if you care to.
  • The usual great stuff from FR
  • Good on ya, FR! Lara Flynn Boyle in "Susan's Plan"
  • Lara Flynn Boyle in "Susan's Plan"
  • ...more ...
  • Natasha Henstridge in "Maximum Risk". More very professional work from from YardDog
  • The name of the main picture is "Margaux Hemingway, Paris 1975", by Helmut Newton. The additional collage is by Zononon Zor
  • Farraq and Feldbusch. Dueling German talk show hosts, and beauties both.
  • A public Jennifer Aniston from Beercaps. He says in his e-mail that it's a see-through, but I think my eyes have gone. Anyway, I enjoyed looking.