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TV Round-Up

There was a little nudity from Nina Gilhooly in Outlander (s1e7)

The November Man

This is a by-the-numbers international thriller. The only thing that distinguishes The November Man from a straight-to-video release is that it stars Pierce Brosnan instead of Steven Seagal. Even the nudity is mediocre:

some random woman in a photograph

random strippers

Eliza Taylor in a sex scene cut to be as asexual as possible

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season six

today: episode three

Maggie Grace

Going back to the French theme for a few weeks:

Go Fast

Go Fast (2008) has a couple of unidentified women who show their breasts,

and Catalina Denis shows a lot of cleavage.

If you love me follow me

Most of the nudity in If you love me follow me aka Qui m'aime me suive (2006) is by Romane Bohringer.

Other women that look good are Eleonore Pourriat,

Elisabeth Margoni

and JulieDepardieu.

52 Tuesdays


Johnny's comments:

52 Tuesdays is a drama about 'mother' and daughter who spend every Tuesday together for a year after 'mother' James (Del Herbert-Jane) tells her teenage daughter Billie (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) to move in with her father as she undergoes treatment for gender realignment. It seems Billie is the last to know about this and we follow her as she comes to terms with her mother becoming a man. There are complications with James's treatment and he has to stop using testosterone. James's also starts a relationship with a workmate and is worried about telling Billie. Also, Billie becomes friends with Jasmine and Josh (Imogen Archer and Sam Althuizen) and they spend time on Tuesdays first at school and then at a rec room provided by Billie's uncle. Here, Billie and her friends experiment sexually and this will have an effect later on.

Very interesting movie about a unique mother-daughter relationship during one very tumultuous year. Both leads are great, but particularly Tilda Cobham-Hervey, who in her very first movie (most of the cast are on debut) shows maturity and screen presence well beyond her years. About the closest comparison to an Australian actress at a similar time is Claudia Karvan and if she has half the career she has, well... The movie itself is more a family drama than a movie about gender alignment, but that is all handled quite well and progressively. Not for everyone, but if you're into an unique family drama, 52 Tuesdays certainly delivers that.

Danica Moors film clips (samples below)

Imogen Archer film clip (sample below)

Sam Harding film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

J Lo and Iggy Azalea in a 1080hd version of that Booty video

Rochelle Vallese in Lost Time (2014) in 1080p

Haley Bennett in Deep Powder (2013) in 1080hd

Eva Birthistle in Wake Wood (2011) in 720p

Natasha Henstridge in Maximum Risk (1996) in 1080hd

Jada Pinkett in Jason's Lyric (1994)


Lady Gaga in a sheer dress and giant wig