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"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

this episode is in 1920x1080


Erin Cummings (???) samples below

unknown (samples below)



Models on the Catwalk

Found on the internet: a long-ass film (42 minutes) of some 200 runway models exposing various body parts. Includes most of the most famous models of the past two decades.

Scoop's note: presented here in six parts

Part three here




Claire Keim in Caravaggio

Nina Moric upskirt

Blanchard Ryan in Open Water




Mercedes McNabb and Joleigh Fioravanti in Hatchet (720p; samples below)

Rosie Perez in Do The Right Thing (1080p)

Victoria Hill in December Boys

Claire Higgins in Hellraiser

A few more deutsche-babes from Sledge (samples right)