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Saturn 3


Farrah Fawcett film clips. Raw screen grabs below.









From deep within the well of obscurity, a Rudi Davies film festival.

We see her first in 1987's Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne

And then in 1990's A Sense of Guilt

Dominique Barnes in Return to Watertloo


Joyce Hyser in One of the Guys

Emilie Dequenne in La fille du RER

Courteney Cox in the first episode of Cougartown

Two women in Klinik Unter Palmen: Mariella Ahrens and Eva Habermann

The women of Naughty Nymphs:

Naughty Nymph Sybil Danning (caps below)

Naughty Nymph Alena Penz (caps below)

Naughty Nymph Christiane Maybach (caps below)

Sandra Bullock in The Proposal (caps below)