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Midnight Tease 2


Midnight Tease 2, rated a worthy 2.1 on IMDb, is a stripper murder mystery that obeys the Joe Bob Briggs rule - when strippers are murdered, another stripper is the one pulling the trigger (or, in this case, placing a bag over their heads).

This one stars some of the usual suspects - Debra Beatty, Julie K. Smith and Griffin Drew and Tammy Parks - and something of a newbie. That would be former Penthouse Pet Kimberly Kelley, who is nekkid for about six minutes. Toss in Kim Kopf and Erin Ashley and voila! You got yourself 17 clips of topless babes. The best this movie has to offer is in these clips - you do not want to see or hear what goes on when the clothes stay on.

Day 1: Kimberly Kelley









American Beauty


Mena Suvari HD (720) film clips. Collages below.








Centerfold Screen Test 2


Unknown #2








Notes and collages



Jennifer Aniston in The One Where Eddie Moves In

Jessica Hecht in The One With the Lesbian Wedding

Courteney Cox in The One With the Lesbian Wedding

Lauren Tom in The One With Phoebe's Husband






enter the DragonScan

The Hunger


One of the most famous love scenes ever filmed, probably the queen of the lesbian scenes, featuring superstars Catherine Deneuve and Susan Sarandon.

Wow. It has been 25 years.












La Casta shows off her curves in Le Grand Appartement

Amy Smart in Mirrors

Rachel Weisz lower frontal in I Want You

Megan Fox looking spectacular in a publicity still from her next film.


Film Clips

This is a terrific nude scene, and also quite entertaining: Georgia Nica in The Prophecy 5

Jean Lamee in AlleyTramp

Shawn Carla in The Risen

Bai Ling on a German TV presentation (sample right)
Danielle Sapia in True Blood, s1e1 (sample right)

These caps to the right are also Danielle Sapia, but from s1e2, and there is no film clip to match. >>>

Louise Treamont in Coups de coeur: troublante voisine (samples right)