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Island of Death


Island of Death (1975) was made by Nico Mastorakis, and, as usual with his DVDs, his commentary alone is worth the price of the DVD. He is very candid here. He made this film to make money. After seeing Texas Chainsaw Massacre, he felt he could make a film with better production quality for a much lower budget, and with a great deal more violence, and thus make a fortune. He wrote the script, hired primarily local people, even playing a part himself, and made his perverse film. How perverse is it? Well, to this day, he would rather his own grown daughter didn't see it, and it made the famous list of "video nasties" in the UK.

A young couple, seemingly happy newlyweds, arrive on the Greek island of Mykonos (Devils in Mykonos was the original title), rent a house, and seem to be having a sort of photography trip and honeymoon. They have sex in a phone booth. The next morning, he wakes up, and she doesn't want sex, so he does what any of us would. He goes out to the garden, fucks a goat, then chops it up with a big knife and tosses it down the well they get their drinking water from. Later, she seduces an artist, then they crucify him to the ground with nails, and pour whitewash into his mouth. As we slowly learn, this is their real enjoyment in life. The think they are ridding the world of perverse people, and record this divine work using a Nikon. Among the perverse people are a gay couple, there landlady whom he nails through a door with a scythe through the chest, an old lecherous woman, whom they OD with heroin then BBQ her face with a hair spray torch, two hippies that decide to rape her in the bath (one gets a fishing spear, the other is drowned in the toilette), a lesbian barmaid who is decapitated by a tractor plow and a black detective chasing them whom they hang by the neck from a plain then drop into the water. The ending is suitable perverse as well. Not only do we learnt that the two are actually brother and sister (oh no, incest as well), but a shepherd hides them from the police, rapes her, buggers him, then throws him into a pit of quick lime.

While transgressive cinema has become ever more perverse and violent since 1975, Island of Death still holds up well, as it has great production values, is shot in a beautiful location, and is fast-paced.

The US version is out of print and very expensive at Amazon marketplace. Fortunately, carries a German version in both English and German and with optional German subtitles. It has all the special features of the out-of-print US edition. If this is your sort of material, you need this one.

Jane Ryall, as the woman, shows everything and is frequently naked. She was not an actress, but the daughter of the local Black and Decker rep. Jessica Dublin, as the old letch, shows breasts. Several unknowns show body parts.

Island of Death DVD Uncut and Uncensored

Scoop's notes: In my review, I noted the following: "Jane Ryall, who played the sister of the brother-sister psychopaths, was actually the daughter of the local representative for Black and Decker on the island of Mykonos. It is said of many actresses that they have 'all the tools.' Jane not only had the tools, but could get them to you at affordable prices."


Jane Ryall


Jessica Dublin













Enemy Gold

This is an Andy Sidaris flick. His movies are fun to cap because there are tons of boobs and they are done in good light.


Brief breasts from Angela Wright (left) and Stacy Lynn Brown. They had nothing to do with the plot and were in just one short scene.


Tai Collins shows off her naked body.



Old reliable Julie Strain with cleavage and boobs.


Here's Julie with Sidaris in the DVD special features



Top billed Suzi Simpson had three nice scenes of nudity. This chick was hot.







Notes and collages


Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty, Season 2, Episode 12










Spanish super production based on the novels of Arturo Pérez-Reverte about Diego Alatriste (Viggo Mortensen), a soldier who is famous for his bravery and cunning in battle. Despite his not being an officer, all of the men refer to him as Captain, a symbol of their respect.

During one particularly violent fight, one of Alatriste's men is felled in battle. Before he dies, the man tells Alatriste of his son Iñigo. Honor-bound to his companion, Alatriste takes Iñigo as his squire, attempting to resist the young man's wishes to become a soldier.

Scoop's notes: In case you were wondering, Viggo plays the entire role in Spanish. He grew up in Argentina, ages 2-11, and also later took his B.A. in Spanish. According to Wikipedia, "Mortensen is fluent in English, Danish, and Spanish, and conversant in Norwegian. He also speaks French, Italian, and Swedish reasonably well." Although he normally speaks Spanish with a strong South American flavor, I read somewhere that he mastered the proper Spanish accent for Alatriste. Vejiita could probably tell you more about that.

Ariadna Gil



Elena Anaya






Kristin Scott-Thomas in Arsene Lupin

The usual pictures of Lindsay Lohan in inappropriately revealing clothing. Thank God for drug-addled starlets!


A film clip of Juliette Alexander in My Best Friend's Wife

Many film clips (101 meg) of Lori Jo Hendrix and various others in Prison Heat. 1993 WIP film set in a Turkish prison.