Today's Images
Hot off the Press!
  • Fran Drescher see-through paparazzi pic! I believe this is the first time for Drescher in public, and one of very few overall!
  • Pretty hot stuff for network TV...Lea Thompson's nude scene from "Caroline in the City". I think this gives "Must See TV" a whole new meaning!
    Stern's Women
  • From the King of All Media, except for Celebrity Nudity of course, a small sampling from Howard's archives. Thanks to the Fonz for sending in these vidcaps from Howard Stern's video, "Butt Bongo Fiesta".
  • Next up, a double shot of Elayne Marx, winner of the prestigious "Miss Howard Stern" contest, 1994.
  • Elayne Marx #2. Again, thanks to the Fonz.
    Denise Richards
  • Like her, love her, hate her, don't care. Which ever side of the argument you stand on, we've got her! More new stuff of the pouty-lipped actress from various places. First up, a new one originally from Vogue.
  • These next two by RJL apparently were 'capped from "Entertainment Tonight", but I don't have any more details than that. Any body know more?
  • Denise from "ET" #2, by RJL.
  • A posed pic from "Wild Things".
  • From Sing, another look at the familiar champagne sequence. Sing was actually the first guy to bring us 'caps from "Wild Things", way back when it was still in the theatres. Luckily, these have much better quality than those early bootleg images.
  • A fantastic JenzScan of Neve and Denise from a "Wild Things" promo pic.
  • It's rare for us to feature a movie in a mini-gallery, but from time to time, we get enough 'caps to do something different. The vidcapper...McKay. The movie... "The Invisible Maniac". From all of the 'caps we were sent, it seems that this movie featured nudity about 75% of the total running time. Ah, the 80's. Anyway, I picked the best of the bunch for your viewing pleasure. First, two young lovers having sex even though they know a killer is on the loose in the building. (For the record, that is Plot #563-B from "Scoopy Jr.s Book of Movie Cliches").
  • Two different lovers going at it while a killer roams the halls of the school.
  • Naturally, no B-movie that takes place in a school is complete without a locker room scene.
  • Again, it's mandatory, all B-movies have to have a shower scene too!
  • One more look at the girls locker room.
  • Fun House Variety
  • One more of Jennifer Connelly. This time new stuff from the movie "Dark City", by Crow.
  • From IsiScan, very cool image of Italian actress, Carmen Russo.
  • Next in line, here are two more of the very beautiful, Catherine Zeta-Jones. First, a few vidcaps.
  • Finally today, thanks to every one for helping out with the Nicole Eggert question from yesterday. About 50 people sent me a copy of the Sugar Ray CD cover. I think this one was the best.