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Jamie Clayton

Jamie and Freema Agyemann

This week we have movies from the early to mid 80s. Today's teaser:

The Osterman Weekend

Helen Shaver shows the lot in The Osterman Weekend (1983) although the quality is a bit blurry.

Cassie Yates

and Merete Van Kamp are both topless,

and Meg Foster shows some see-through nipples.


Between the Lines


Lindsay Crouse film clip (collage below)




Anna Maria Monticelli 1080hd film clip (collages below)



The Overnight is an offbeat comedy where loving couple Alex and Emily (Adam Scott and Taylor Schilling) move to Los Angeles with their young son and attempt to make a go of it. One day at the park, their son plays with another boy whose parents, Kurt and Charlotte (Jason Schwartzman and Judith Godr├Ęche), they hit it off with and Kurt and Charlotte invite them over to their house for dinner. Alex and Emily accept, as they don't know too many people in Los Angeles, and everything goes fine until Kurt and Charlotte suggest that to let their son sleep at their house while they hang around longer. First, Kurt shows them some of Charlotte's acting, which turns out to be an instructional video for a breast pump including Charlotte showing her breasts. Later, Kurt and Charlotte decide to go for a nude swim the pool to the horror of Alex and Emily who decide to join them but with their underwear on. The two couples seem to be hitting it off despite the awkwardness, but there seems to be an underlying agenda with Kurt and Charlotte. What it is will take Alex and Emily on a wild ride they were not expecting when they took up the invitation. Interesting movie with the feel of those Duplass brothers indie movies (unsurprisingly, they are producers of The Overnight) that has its funny moments although strangely not as darkly funny as I thought it would be. All four leads are good and there are few interesting twists even if it does end where you expect it would. And there's a surprising reliance on fake penises ...

Taylor Schilling and Judith Godreche 1080hd film clips (Godreche nekkid, see below)

TV/Film Clips

Dana Delany in House of God (s1e8) in 720p

Lauren Furs, Ariana Madix and Olivia Alexander in The Disembodied (2011)




Ute Lemper in Prorva (1992)

Susan Penhaligon in Private Road (1971) in 720p


Cara Delevingne upskirt