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It was a slow week for Defoe this week, and since his only French clip was from a new TV show, I placed it up here instead of in a separate section. The actress is Jeanne Bournaud and the show is "Les Limiers." (Saturday, s1e6, 1080hd)



Murderland was three-part murder mystery that aired in the UK. It is watchable, albeit of no special merit, but I watched it to capture the sex scene with Amanda Hale. In a popular current Starz series, The White Queen, Amanda plays Lady Margaret Beaufort, mother of Henry VII, grandmother of Henry VIII. I found her fascinating. She is an attractive woman, but has more facial tics than Derek Jacobi playing Claudius. She emotes more with her mouth and jaw than with her eyes, which is common among normal human beings, but is just about unique among screen actors. Anyway, she never got naked in The White Queen, and she didn't disrobe completely in this film either, even though she went undercover as a prostitute. That lack of bare flesh notwithstanding, this clip of her with a john is sexy because she's a good actress and conveys a lot with her breathing and the heaving of her chest. There may be a nipple there somewhere, or there may not.

Amanda Hale film clip (stills below)

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"Nurse Jackie"

season five


today: s5e1

Betty Gilpin

TV/Film Clips

Judith Diakhate in Alacran enamorado (2013)

Darya Melnikova in Steel_Butterfly (2012) in 1080p

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Malin Akerman get into some HD girl/girl action on Entourage (2006; s3e6)

Melanie Laurent in Je vais bien ne t'en fais pas (2006) in 720p

One of my favorite nude performances in 1080p: Kelly Lynch in Warm Summer Rain (1989)

Michele Bailly in Two Men in Manhattan (1959!!) in 720p, but TV aspect ratio


Tina Fey at the Emmys: looks like a nipple has escaped.

Fashion model Malgosia Bela in a new magazine layout. Pretty explicit for a major supermodel.