TV Round-Up

There was some nudity in Friday's Strike Back (s3e7), but it consisted entirely of anonymous strippers

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Juno Temple film clips (part 1, part 2)

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The TV caps this week come from Minder. Minder was an excellent series set in London and based on a loveable rogue Arthur Daley (played by George Cole) and his minder Terry McCann (played by Dennis Waterman). It ran over 10 seasons between 1982 and 1994. In the eighth season Terry was replaced by Arthur's nephew Ray Daley (played by Gary Webster). I felt the standard of the show also dropped a bit.

In the early seasons there was quite a number of bums and breasts by a variety of actresses.
Season 1 Episode 1 Gunfight at the O.K. Laundrette (1979)
An unknown stripper is topless.

Season 1 Episode 5 The Bounty Hunter (1979)
Pokies by Rikki Howard.

Season 1 Episode 8 Come in T-64, Your Time Is Ticking Away (1979)
A bit of bum by Diana Malin.

Season 2 Episode 6 The Beer Hunter (1980)
Georgina Hale - in her underwear

Season 2 Episode 7 A Nice Little Wine (1980)
Rachel Davies is a prossie in her underwear.

Season 2 Episode 8 All Mod Cons (1980)
Annette Lynton is in her underwear.

Season 2 Episode 10 The Old School Tie (1980)
Diana Malin bares her breasts and bum.

Season 2 Episode 13 A Lot of Bull and a Pat on the Back (1980)
Ann Bruce,

Diana Malin

 and Gennie Nevinson are all topless.

Season 3 Episode 3 Rembrandt Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1982)
Candy Davis

 and Monica Ramone show a bit of breast.

Season 3 Episode 4 Looking for Micky (1982)
Diana Malin is naked once again.

Season 3 Episode 5 Dreamhouse (1982)
Emma Williams  and Sandy Ratcliff are looking good.

Season 3 Episode 13 In (1982)
Diane Langton

 and Lindy Whiteford look good.

Season 4 Episode 1 Rocky Episode ight and a Half (1984)
Anna Nygh

 and Christine Kavanagh look good.

Season 4 Episode 3 High Drains Pilferer (1984)
Sheila Ruskin is in her underwear.

Season 4 Episode 8 Willesden Suite (1984)
An unknown model is almost topless.

Nostrum (2010)

aka Psychotica

Horror movie about a bunch of druggies going cold turkey in an abandoned farm house who trip out and start mutilating eachother. Sort of a cross between Trainspotting and the Saw series.

Misha Highstead: aka Naked News correspondent Eila Balsam
shows boobs and buns as the obligatory stripper.

Christy Brisette: full nude but mostly butt.
The upcoming boob-ray release this week may show more intimate detail.

Megan Hutchings: brassiere after giving blowjob.

Aimee Feler: fully clothed sex.

unknown: topless.

Rapturious (2007)

Independent movie directed from one of the Jerky Boys.

Debbie Rochon: topless but bloody sex scene.

Elisabeth Stephan: topless sex scene.

The Last Movie (2012)

Neo-noire movie.

Beth Gondek: still very sexy after all those years.


episode: "Push Comes to Shove" (s2e04)

Laura Mennell & Azita Ghanizada: lesbian kiss.

Erin Way: sexy.

Natalia Ross: sexy as Laura's lapdancer. While she's not the porn actress of the same name she is Malin Akerman's body double for the upcoming movie "Cottage Country".

"Hell On Wheels"

episode: "Purged Away in Blood" (s2e06)

Kasha Kropinski: cleavage while dressing.

T.J. Anderson: publicity photo of this actress who plays one of the whores who can be seen in the background of various episodes this season.

A Girl Walks Into a Bar


The R-rated DVD has the censor bars just like the youtube version so no Lauren Lee Smith pussy. The real bad joke is us Canadians are forced to buy the DVD at full retail because us hosers are geo-blocked from  watching it on youtube.

"Prank Science"

(tv series)

Hidden camera series from the makers of Cock’d Gunns.

Prank Science: unwitting "test subject" showing a lot of cleavage.

For you poindexter science nerds … Ariel Garten: bikini demonstrating the plasmaphone.

Jack Morgan's Rum


The woman in the shower is stuntbabe Rachelle Normandin.

"Inner Depravity"

(web series)

Haven't heard much since the director got arrested on a joint RCMP/Interpol warrant for making obscene material. Here are a couple of the actresses w appeared in the series.

Cloe Huard & Andreanne Slythe: nude in some sort of weird lesbo lovin’.

Les Lignes Ennemies

(2010; short; aka Enemy Lines)

Cloe Huard: topless.

Cloe Huard aka Cloe La Rouge: topless modelling shot.

Par En Arriere

(2009;  short; aka From Behind)

Andreanne Slythe: swimming in skimpy underwear.

Andreanna Slythe: poledancer

"Adam & Eve"

Nouveau French-Canadian comedie series on Radio-Canada.

Anne-Elisabeth Bosse: cleavage.

Lost Girl

season 3

No word on when season 3 starts but it will be at least November or even next January. But here are a couple of potential guest stars.

Shondra Kayd: nice bikini. She will also play a nude woman in an upcoming episode of Bomb Girls in season 2.

Anna Hardwick: tweeting her twitter titters.

Last but not least...

Sophie Froment: Miss Universe Canada/Ashley Madison commercial babe sporting some rock hard pokies in modeling pic.


Human Traffic


Lorraine Pilkington film clips (collages below)




Tinsel Korey film clips (collages below)

How to Make it in America

(new collages; season two)

Lake Bell

Nicole LaLiberte

Margarita Levieva

Film/TV Clips

Cosima Viola in Lindenstrasse: Unverschaemtheit (2012)

Megan Henning in Brawler (2011)

Marie Christine Friedrich in Weitertanzen (2008)

Marie Christine Friedrich in Tout Est Pardonne (2007)


Miley Cyrus see-thru

Akelsandra Hamkalo in Big Love (2012)

Heather Depriest

Angel McCord in Chemistry, s1e7

Vanja Vajzmanovic in Zone of the Dead (2009)

Alice Braga in Blindness (2008)

Julianne Moore, also in Blindness

Gillian Jacobs in Cloke (2008)

Liz Gallardo and others in El Bufalo de la Noche

Maria Flor in O Diabo a Quatro (2004)

Selma Blair in Storytelling (2001)

Reese Witherspoon in Twilight (1998)

Vivica A Fox in Born on the Fourth of July (1989)

Cordelia Gonzalez, also in Born on the Fourth of July

Elisabeth Shue in Cocktail (1988)

Kelly Lynch, also in Cocktail

Erin Halligan in Joysticks (1983)

Kym Malin, also in Joysticks

Kim Michel, also in Joysticks