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Hot Wives Club 2



SPOILERS. (Assuming you care about spoilers in a porn film.)

This is the sequel (obviously) to a film about a wife-swapping club. It garnered more than the normal amount of attention because it was rumored to have portrayed actual sex with Laurie Wallace.

This time, an accountant in a lackluster marriage to Taylor Anne takes advantage of his dowdy wife's knitting night to visit the club with his co-worker. They don't get lucky, but see two really hot women do a guy. They decide to try it again on knitting night, and get the surprise of their lives. One of the two hot women from the week before is none other than the accountant's wife. He does the other woman, Laurie Wallace, that night, but the experience manages to revive the floundering marriage.

The twists work because of effective makeup.

As for the "actual sex" ... well ... Laurie rides the guy while sitting on a chair, both facing the camera and spread-legged. You can see her partner's balls, but the lighting is such that the entire genital area is in deep shadow, and I think she is too high to be doing it for real. Still, Laurie's fan base and the plot twist are enough to lift this film to a C in the "couples erotica" genre.

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Hot Wives Club

Hot Wives Club 2


Laurie Wallace, Taylor Anne, and someone credited as Brooklyn all show everything.


Laurie Wallace


Taylor Anne















A "Babes in Bondage" day.

Madchen Amick stars, shows lots of nice leg, a little bit of tease and winds up dangling from a rope before being rescued.

Stephanie Moore is abducted and winds up topless at the end of the hangman's noose. Not a good ending for Stephanie.







Notes and collages


Holly Marie Combs and Shannen Doherty, Season 2, Episode 11










Mere days before his thirteenth birthday, Timothy (Matthew Knight) suddenly finds himself amidst a small town stand-off between a group of leather-clad strangers and his elderly grandmother (Barbara Gordon). Neither he nor his mother (Rhona Mitra) understand what's going on, but the rest of Timothy's friends and family, led by Uncle Jonas (Elias Koteas), seem to be ready for the fight, armed with weaponry that seems to have that annoying cinematic habit of barely missing its intended target.

It seems that the two groups are warring factions of the same werewolf clan, and Timothy is the preteen everyone needs. Jonas's group is sure he's the prophesied boy that will end the curse, while the leather bunch, led by Varek (Jason Behr), need him dead to ensure the continuation of their natural mayhem.



Natassia Malthe


Sarah Carter






Monica Bellucci in Sardinia

Sadie Frost on holiday

Melissa Gilbert at the SAG awards, 2005.

Melissa Gilbert at the opening of Moon for the Misbegotten (April)

Marie-Josee Croze in Ordo

Ms. Croze in Des chiens dans la niege

Zoe Trilling in To Protect and Serve

Marianne Basler in L'Ordre du jour

One more look at Holly Hunter in Saving Grace

Paige Davis


Since Alicia Silverstone is back on the front burner, here's a film clip of her topless scene in Miss Match, episode 16. (Sample right.)
A film clip of Robin Brule in an episode of Bliss. (Sample right.)
A film clip of Sienna Guillory in Silence Becomes You


Here are some film clips from that modern version of Macbeth.