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New DVD Releases
  • No nudity in the new releases this week, unless you want to see Robert Carlyle in "Ravenous".

    Ravenous is a terrific horror/thriller. I never even knew it was out back in March, but it is excellent! The first 20 minutes are slower than molasses in January, but once the rescue party gets to the cave, and the great mystery is revealed, it is tension and surprises without cease. Great pacing from the director. Great musical accompaniment that will get your heart thumping. Great performances from an excellent cast. A genre classic. I was gritting my teeth from the tension throughout. Pretty close to four star moviemaking. I'd give it four if it weren't for the slow beginning. (But be warned: This is not a "date movie", unless you're dating Squeaky Fromme. The theme is cannibalism,and the movie is surprisingly ambivalent about it, so it's kinda twisted.)

    You all know about The Matrix. I'll take some snaps from that as I get time, but there's no nudity. For the three guys who never heard of it, it is also a terrific and highly-successful flick.

    Office Space is a catch-up from last week or the week before. No nudity there either. It's a slacker comedy. Uninspired, but the kind of movie you watch with some time to kill. A few decent laughs, and a spot-on capture of the guy who plays the boss. I mean they got this guy exactly right. "and we're going to kinda need you to ..... mmmm-kay?" I know this guy - dozens of him, in fact.

    Grace of My Heart is also a good movie - I'll talk about it in a couple of days. No nudity, but some near misses well worth playing with. I'll probably have it ready tomorrow.

    Suicide Kings (out for a few weeks), another good movie, has nudity, but only the usual anonymous strippers. I'll have it tomorrow, but "yawn"!

    You are probably familiar with Boorman's "Excalibur", which is much better than just a good movie, and which does have some nudity as well. I scarfed up that new DVD, and I'll have some caps very soon, probably tomorrow, but I need to spend time on that one, so maybe later.

  • Mail
  • FROM THE MAIL: Hey Scoop, Just thought you might want to know... In the People section of today's Oregonian (local paper)... "SINGER MARIAH CAREY MAY BE SHOWING OFF MORE OF HERSELF SINCE DITCHING THAT TUBBY SVENGALI HUBBY. PLAYBOY MAY ASK ME TO DO SOMETHING FOR THEM, SHE SAYS IN LONDON'S MIRROR. BUT I'LL TELL YOU THIS... THEY'LL HAVE TO OFFER ALOT OF MONEY." Hello, nurse! Let me be the first to step forward with this contribution of $20. I hope it will in some way expedite the proceedings... I know you refrain from posting "Bunny" stuff, but it'll be good to know they're out there.
  • FROM THE MAIL: Scoopy, I was watching "Conan the Destroyer" on the satellite yesterday, and I noticed that the censors that cut this movie from an R to a PG-13 missed some exposure by Sarah Douglas. The scene appears near the end where Sarah's character is mixing a Mickey-Finn for Olivia D'abo's character. As Sarah turns to hand the drink over, the outfit she is wearing reveals that Sarah is not wearing anything underneath. Since I lack the equipment to cap this, I thought you might ask one of your contributors to give it a try.
  • FROM THE MAIL: This may be old news to you but a local radio station here in D.C. reported that Melissa Joan Hart likes to frolic around naked all the time and would even do Playboy if they asked her. I hope this is true. I don't know where they got their info from but I'm hoping it's legitimate
  • FROM THE MAIL: Hello Scoop. I just had a look at the weekend Funhouse. You ran a collage by Tuna that refreshed some fond memories. The scan in question is that of Jean Poremba. Just in case you didn't know Jean Poremba = Candie Evans, XXX film starlet. She was one of my favorites when I was a teen sneaking porn flicks into the house and watching them late at night when my parents were asleep. I think she would be a good subject for Tuna to continue his classic porn collection.
  • Tuna
  • Amy Brenneman in "Fear"
  • Catherine McCormack in "Dangerous Beauty"
  • Catherine McCormack in "Dangerous Beauty". An excellent movie, and she looked exquisite.
  • Helen Mirren in "The Cook, the Thief ....etc"
  • Showgirls
  • A note on Johnny Web. Not all Johnny Web scans and captures in the past were done by me. They were all done exclusively for this site, but I farmed some of them out to other people. In the past few months, they are all me.
  • Showgirls hasn't come out on DVD in the North American format yet, although I think Publisher sent in some caps from a European master. These aren't caps at all, but scans from "Showgirls: Portrait of a Film". The movie had some moments of visual splendor. Verhoeven, the director, duplicated the feel of an actual Vegas Show, fireworks and laser lights and all, and some of these pictures reflect that. Gershon turned in a campy (deliberately, I think) performance as the diva that Berkley replaces, and the book is really about her, even though the movie was focused on Berkley. Gershon looked great, and was in phenomenal shape for this movie. She had rock-hard abs, a perfect butt, great breasts. At least a few of the pictures below are must-see. Most are pretty good, better than the comparable stuff out there now. A couple totally suck, but I put them in there anyway. Why not? Some people like to see everything. I commented below on which ones are especially good or bad.
  • Gershon in a body suit
  • Gershon topless in a silver skirt and a bad wig.
  • She raises her arms to show off her impressive shape.
  • Came out lousy. Funny lighting. Small picture. Only for those of you who have to have everything.
  • Must have. Gershon posed for this one. She looks great. New to me.
  • another dancing scene from a production number
  • Must have. Incredible butt. She looks great, scan came out great.
  • Scan came out good, but original was in funky purple and yellow lighting. You should see it just to see the abs she worked up for this role.
  • Berkley now. This one in very dark lighting
  • This one is well-lit, but not enough flesh for my taste. Kinda silly to pose tastefully for this movie, which is about bad taste.
  • No nudity, but you should see it. Gershon camping it up, looking as if she's about to chew Berkley's carpet
  • Actress/entertainer Rena Riffel (topless) and director Paul Verhoeven
  • Industry Insider
  • The Industry Insider is a cool guy who sends in his own stuff from time to time. He has made plenty of specialty films in his time, highly respected stuff in his niche genre (they just held a bunch of tribute/retrospectives to him last week). His genre is not porn, but he has a photogenic beach house where mucho porn has been filmed, and he's taken pictures of the people and some of the action that has passed through there, as well as at his parties. Soem of these women will be known to you if they crossed over to non-porn or if you are really into the genre. Insider doesn't even know their full names, only their "nom de porn", and usually only their first names, but so be it. You won't see this stuff elsewhere, because he shot them at his own house with his own camera, usually just with a Polaroid or something, and they've never been published. It's kind of a fun peek for for us. If you think it's silly, just look at something else!
  • Ali
  • This is Candice Rialson, b-starlet
  • Gabby
  • Gabby
  • Lori Rose
  • Raquel
  • Twins
  • Twins
  • Twins
  • Twins
  • Geena
  • About a month ago, while Realist was running the page, Publisher broke the latest Geena Davis topless paparazzi pics (originally in Interviu). If you missed them then, here are a few more from a different imager. These are good edits of the pictures from someone called Bob Barker, who probably has his pets neutered. The only thing is, he's not going to let you see the pictures unless you can guess the correct retail price of the 9 oz Rice-a-Roni and the large jar of Vlasic Kosher Dills. Or click here, one or the other. This one is, by far, my favorite.
  • Geena
  • Geena
  • Geena
  • Magwolf
  • Haven't heard from Magwolf in a long time. He has been very productive with very high quality. The first four are Barbarella DVD collages, featuring Jane Fonda
  • Barbarella
  • Barbarella
  • Barbarella
  • DVD caps from Star 80, featuring Mariel Hemingway. This movie is generally well-lit, and makes very suitable material for captures.
  • Hemingway, Star 80
  • Sally Kirkland in Big Bad Mama
  • all the women of Big Bad Mama. I've noted before that this is a difficult movie to capture. It was just cheaply and poorly filmed. Magwolf had better luck than I did with some of these frames.
  • Sondra Locke in "The Gauntlet"
  • Blinky
  • Blinky, the three-eyed fish, has been going through some supermodel sites. Here's his first report. They don't all have visible breasts (some do), but all have some suggestive properties. They're small and load fast. Carolyn Park
  • Angela Lindvall
  • Angela Lindvall
  • Bridget Hall. I think this is the best of the group. A good see-through and she is one beautiful woman!
  • Jane Bradbury
  • Erika Stromqvist. This is probably the least sexy for me
  • Anonymous
  • music and lyrics by Mongoose
  • Here are the last three Sonja Martin scans from the UK Penthouse layout.
  • Says in Penthouse that Ms Martin studied medicine in her home country of Austria before going into acting. She doesn't like TV but she is a fan of Woody Allen and Audrey Hepburn. (Remember, this was 10 years ago so her opinion of Woody may be different now - I hope so)
  • If you like here then visit my web site for the world's largest (only) collection of Sonja pics
  • ...more ....
  • Cave Dweller with a new DVD player. Here's some good caps of Denise Richards in Wild Things
  • another sexy Denise
  • FR presents Moira Kelly in Little Odessa
  • Porn babe Tara Monroe
  • Muriel Baumeister in "Der Priester und das Maedchen"
  • Buffy in "Simply Irresistible"
  • Olivia D'Abo, "Into the Fire". Little sample frame from GR
  • Nathalie Delon in "vous interessez ...."