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Scoop's corner
  • Hi, y'all. My last minute additions to Jr's page. Guess who's on top? Will she break our equivalent of the DiMaggio streak.... the Jennifer Connelly record of appearing in 16 consecutive issues? Here's yet another look at the dress Rose McGowan failed to wear last week!
  • Amber Smith
  • Not From Playboy! Thank heavens for Magicman and Sisyphus, who keep turning up these non-Playboy pics of some of the bunnymag's favorites.
  • Amber Smith by Sisyphus #2.
  • The most see-thru of the bunch.
  • A final collage of Amber, featuring a little nudity, and a lot of sexiness!
    From ZonononZor
  • Next at the plate is a long time friend of the Fun House, joining us today with a few new treats for us. First, Victoria's Secret model, Yasmeen Ghauri.
  • Maria Kelley, a rare vidcap by Zon from the movie "Disturbed". Haven't seen this one, but it looks like a winner! Staring Malcolm McDowell and Clint Howard!
    Fun House Variety
  • Tons of Variety today, staring with a little of the weird stuff, here's D'Arcy from the Smashing Pumpkins. A bit of a nipple peek for the fans. I guess they need to boost album sales somehow!
  • For our well travelled fans, and for those living abroad, an actress from many Spanish movies to ad a little spice to today's Scoopy Gumbo. This is Bibí Andersen by Don Bun, from the movie "Kika".
  • Also from Don Bun, Milla Jovovich from the DVD version of "The Fifth Element". Nothing exciting about this one, Don is simply a Milla fan.
  • Although many movies, for better or worse, captured the flair of the 80's, very few still remain stuck in my head as monuments to the days of spandex, hair gel, and pop culture like the Prince movie "Purple Rain". I don't care what anyone says, the man's name is, and always will be Prince! I'll stand by that statement forever, or my name isn't (~*~) ! (AKA the Scoopy formerly known as Jr.) Anyway, from "Purple Rain", here's Apollonia, by Graphic Response.
  • Also from Graphic Response, here's the Pierce Brosnan of "Emmanuelle" movies, Krista Allen. This isn't from an "Emmanuelle" movie, but instead from "The Haunted Sea". I haven't seen this one, but I think the user comments in the IMDb probably sum it up best..."Unless you like Krista Allen or guys in rubber suits, don't bother".
    More Fun House Variety!
  • From Puzo, here's Madonna kissing some butt from her Sex book I guess. Again, I pose the question...Does this count as "Gettin' Jiggy With It?"
  • Here's another marginally famous, but recognizable celeb, Anna Thompson. Vidcaps from the movie "Sue", by Charlie.
  • More of Valentino's Runway Girls! Today on the runway, Laetitia Casta!
  • Finally today, here's skin model and stripper, April Hunter. With that resume, I'm guessing we may soon see her on Springer!