The woman called “Tiffany Jones” in Oz’s caps from “He Got Game” is better known as porn star Chasey Lain

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"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

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Models on the Catwalk

Found on the internet: a long-ass film (42 minutes) of some 200 runway models exposing various body parts. Includes most of the most famous models of the past two decades.

Scoop's note: presented here in six parts

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Australian Classics heads back to the 80s for another classic Aussie thriller written by Everett de Roche. Fortress is a white knuckle thriller starring Rachel Ward as a school teacher in a remote town whose school is invaded by a group of men in creepy masks who are on the run from a crime. The crims take the school teacher and her class of young children of varying age as hostages and drive them out to a cave to keep them for later use. That's the crims first mistake. They have badly underestimated their hostages and their own knowledge of the outback. From then on the crims try to get the hostages back under control while the hostages try to get home using their local knowledge to their advantage.

Fortress is a superb little thriller that seems to be sadly lost in Australia (I had to get the DVD from the US as it look unlikely to get a release here anytime soon, or at all...). There is surprising tension and brutality throughout and the kids using their skills to capture and kill their captors is quite something. Let's face it, Everett de Roche always writes enjoyable thrillers with hardly a failure to his name. And those masks the crims wear are something else altogether. Where the hell did they come from?

Rachel Ward looks pretty damn good in this film, but then that's a given as she looked amazing during the 80s.

Rachel Ward film clip

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Anna Paquin in True Blood, s2e1

Alicja Bachelda Curus in Ondine

Lisa Edelstein on House

Kate Hudson in Fool's Gold 1080p

Kathryn Erbe in Stir of Echoes 1080p

Paola Rey in Night Trips

Sophia Santi in Night Trips

Kelly Summer in Night Trips




Elina Madison in Someone's Knocking at the Door

Silvia Spross in Someone's Knocking at the Door

Henriette Heinze in Auftauchen

Samantha Morton in Band of Gold

Here's the limo chick from Get Him to the Greek. She's Meddy Ford (1080p, see below)

Alba Rohrwacher in Cosavogliodipiulah (Sample below)

Edwige Fenech in Giovanna Long Thigh

Greta Scacchi in Shattered