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The Postman Always Rings Twice


Anjelica Huston film clips. Raw screen grabs below.

Jessica Lange film clips. Raw screen grabs below.


Scoop's uncharacteristically brief notes:

  • Sven Nykvist did the cinematography, and it's absolutely top-drawer. Nykvist did many of Bergman's best films as well as "The Unbearable Lightness of Being." He is a master.
  • This is one of the sexiest films I've ever seen, despite the dearth of nudity. Nicholson, Lange, the looks exchanged, the music, the period atmosphere - sexy as hell.
  • For a character-driven study, I think it has an interesting plot as well - enough to make it a solid film. Given the other plusses, I'd say it's certainly a very good film, nearly a great film, and I like it a lot.









If you're tired of same-ole same-ole horror flicks, this one is definitely different, and horrific in more ways than one. It'll freak you out, creep you out, and probably disgust you. And it's supposed to.

J.T. and Rickie are high school buds that are together constantly. They ditch school one day to hang out at the abandoned mental asylum near the school. While exploring the ruins, they come across a chained naked young woman (Jenny Spain), who appears not to be dead, although she certainly should be. Rickie wants to call the cops immediately, but J.T. talks him into waiting.

The next day, Rickie returns to discover that J.T. has been having sex with the girl, who is still not dead, although J.T. tried several times to kill her. To prove it to Rickie, he fires several bullets into the girl, but she keeps breathing. As Rickie becomes more and more horrified with what is happening to the girl, J.T. brings in more friends to have sex with her, but Rickie is powerless to stop him, and the abuse to the girl gets worse and worse.
As you might imagine, all this free love isn't free, as Deadgirl finally exerts her authority in unexpected ways. A good, unpleasant, and very different horror flick. I recommend it to horror fans, but not to the squeamish.

Jenny Spain


Lara Birn in Karjalan Kunnailla. RoSSol, who created the collages, wrote: "Laura Birn (b. 1981) is one of the most popular younger actresses in Finland. She finally made her fans happy by bathing (wearing only the traditional Finnish sauna costume - a beer bottle) in the sauna with her friends in the TV-series Karjalan Kunnailla...:

Mr Skin took a fresh look at Requiem for a Dream and Nightwatching:

Jennifer Connelly in Requiem

Aliya Campbell in Requiem

Fiona O'Shaughnessey in Nightwatching

Jodhi May in Nightwatching


Emily Holmes in Nightwatching

model Cato Van Ee

Jaime Murray on Dexter in HD

page three model Eva Wyrwal




Debbie Rochon in The Fearmakers