TV Recap

Eila Adams did another one of her energetic outdoor exercise sessions - and this time the cameraman was trying for some new angles.

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Fire on the Amazon

1993, 1920x1080

Sandra Bullock

This week, movies from the mid 2000s:

Naked in the 21st Century

Naked in the 21st Century (2004) is just a show about naked people, particularly women.

Hosted by one of my favourites, Christine Nguyen,

the women are:

Alexis Lefortune

Athena Demos

Cori-Anne Greenhouse

Honey Lauren

Jen Kim

Jillian Roppolo

Lea Downey

Lena Yada

Lisa Ko

Maryn Ryan

Red Melanie

Siu Wai Cheung

Tania Cheung

Lots not identified

Film and TV Clips

Mary Loveless and Bethany Orr in Excess Flesh (2015) in 1080hd



Dandara de Morais in August Winds (2014)

Carolina Crescentini in 20 Sigarette (2010)

Mathilda May in Lifeforce: Director's Cut (1985) in 1080hd

Kate Nelligan in Eye Of The Needle (1981) in 1080hd