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Nothing to report except this very brief and anonymous topless scene on Strike Back, s4e6

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"Masters of Sex'



Lizzy Caplan today
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The Curious Dr. Humpp


Brainscan's comments:

The Curious Dr. Humpp is a 50's scifi monster movie (The Brain That Would Not Die) as though it were filmed in the 70's by Russ Meyer.  So Dr. Humpp - now there's some subtlety right there - sends out a henchmonster to capture folks as they engage in sexual activity.  He is not discriminating.  Boy on girl?  He gets em.  Girl on girl?   Them, too.  (I guess that makes him the Bi-Curious Dr. Humpp.)  A gal engaged in autoerotic fingerplay?  Yup, her too.  And a stripper.  Did I mention the stripper?  Even a foursome of self-described hippies.  Why, you ask, does he want or need people doing the sexy thing?  Because the good doctor isolates from them the elixir of life for a brain in a jar that just keeps on living.  Fine, fine, sure, sure.  The point is this: the whole kind-of-plot thing is designed to get a bunch of women nekkid as often as possible.  The hippies, alone, go on forever, which is both good and bad because those gals were the ones I could not identify.  The women for whom name and face/body could be matched were Gloria Pratt as the stripper, Greta Williams as the self-pleasuring gal who finds a partner post-kidnapping, Mary Albano as one of the lesbians (the other?  I dunno) and Susana Beltran as Dr. Humpp's faithful nurse.  Now, Ms. Beltran is worthy of special note because she possessed the kind of hooters women pay big bucks to get but fail every time.  Seriously, if augmentation surgery gave every woman those hooties there would be many more plastic surgeons and lots of happy men.  Anyway, the movie goes along and there is this protagonist newspaper reporter who has the James Bondian ability to turn a woman to his side by pairing up with them and finds a gun and alerts the authorities and it all comes crashing down.  Yay.

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Today: a clip of Greta Williams (collage below)


TV/Film clips

Amy Smart in Mirrors (2008) in 1080p

Carol Brana, Nadia Chibani and Lise Bellynck in A l'aventure (2008)





Kate Moss goes braless in a see-through top

Alyson Hannigan in a bikini, for no special reason

Sophie Tweed-Simmons in Maui. She's the daughter of Shannon Tweed and Gene Simmons

A wardrobe malfunction: Jennifer Nicole Lee in the Hamptons (repeat of bad link from thursday)

The women of Disconnect (2013)

Jackie Austin

Katelin Baxter

Andrea Riseborough