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  • At last. The Maxim Top 5. And #5 even has some (see-through) nudity. Bridget Hall
  • #4 Salma
  • #3 Zeta
  • #2 Casta
  • #1 Gayheart. I have to go back and look, but I don't think Gayheart ever finishes in the top five in our polls when you guys vote, but the next three coincide with your favorites.
  • The Night
  • Uma Thurman and Robert DeNiro in "Mad Dog and Glory"
  • "Mad Dog and Glory"
  • "Mad Dog and Glory"
  • "Mad Dog and Glory"
  • "Mad Dog and Glory"
  • Snowblind
  • Jennifer MacDonald in "Campfire Tales"
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave". I've talked about this movie before. Amateurishly acted, lurid, banned in several countries for its cavalier attitude toward violence and rape. Probably the least entertaining of the truly bad movies because you can't really laugh at it. It isn't campy enough violence to be gore-trash like "Chainsaw Massacre" or the Troma films. It's just a mean, ugly, mean-spirited movie. Lots of nudity, though, and surprisingly well photographed.
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • Camille Keaton, "I Spit on Your Grave"
  • Fairuza Balk, "American History X"
  • FR
  • I reckon this would be "specialty material". Hardcore action with Anita Blond in "Delirious"
  • Anita Blond in "Delirious"
  • Hugo
  • Always great to see new ones from Hugo! He doesn't do many, but they are super! Michelle Johnson in "Body Shot"
  • A couple extra frames of Michelle Johnson in "Body Shot"
  • ICMS (his comments as well)
  • "Tanja Dexters, Miss Belgium 1998, who decided to reveal all for a special edition millenium calendar. 3000 copies, $36 dollars apiece. There is more about her at Sorry, it's in Dutch, but also has more pictures. These pictures come from a Flemish liberal (VLD-oriented) newspaper, maybe you remember the VLD from that stunt with Anke Van Dermeersch, Miss Belgium 1991 and at that time suspended lawyer, who promised to pose for Playboy if elected. She didn't get elected but apparently she is going to pose for Playboy anyway (do you know one politician who keeps his promises?). To top it off our new liberal Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt said a couple of months ago that he wanted Belgium to become a model state. Is this what he meant or are these girls misinterpreting his words ? ;-)"
  • "Secondly there is actress and TV presenter Truus Druyts very early in her career. She appeared briefly nude in a non-speaking part in Flanders' most successful comedy series F.C. De Kampioenen, a series about a local café soccer team".
  • "Then there are still two German actresses, the first being Inga Busch showing her bush again in a docu-drama about GDR citizen fleeing to the West via Hungary in 1989. Here we see her skinny-dipping in Lake Balaton, trying unsuccessfully to seduce a guy into smuggling her into Austria."
  • "Finally some vidcaps of popular German actress Carin C. Tietze. Not the most attractive and most revealing pictures since she's playing a corpse in a bath tub but she rarely shows anything, so we have to treasure anything we can find on her."
  • BFD
  • I sure am glad that BFD has old Ursula Andress movies, because Ursula should be preserved for the ages. "The Sensuous Nurse". I don't remember that movie.
  • Shannon Tweed, dark hair, "Sexual Response". She looks great now, but she was in her delectable prime then.
  • Shannon Tweed, blond hair, "Sexual Response".
  • Kelly Hill in 1992's "Final Embrace"
  • Nancy Valen Hill in 1992's "Final Embrace"
  • ... more ...
  • Gina Gershon was really lookin' good on Leno. Non nude, but must-see, I believe.
  • Julie Strain in "Virtual Desire". Both of these from Dann.
  • Tammy Parks in "Virtual Desire"
  • Saira Todd again! "Playing the Field"
  • UC 99
  • Fiona Gelin, "Escalier C"
  • Fiona Gelin, " ....aura des femmes"
  • Fiona Gelin, " ....aura des femmes" (No nudity, but good)
  • GR
  • Juliette Binoche in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being". A very lovely collage, even by GR's high standards.
  • Lena Olin in "The Unbearable Lightness of Being
  • Sisyphus
  • This is Jeanne Basone. She used to be "Hollywood" on G.L.O.W, still wrestles a little, got some implants, never quite broke through.
  • Jeanne Basone
  • Jeanne Basone
  • Jeanne Basone
  • Jeanne Basone
  • Jeanne Basone
  • Mergaman
  • Mergaman is the guy who goes through the Stern show frame-by-frame with his pause button and finds uncensored frames. Amazin'! These woman are anonymous, but this is one of the most popular features we run here. This is "Christina"
  • Christina.
  • Christina. The last five of Christina are nearly identical butt shots. Mergaman couldn't decide which one he liked best. Seen one, seen 'em all.
  • Christina
  • Christina
  • Christina
  • Christina
  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Alina
  • Mergy also did a quick one of Terri Farrell at the Emmy's. Sadly, the TV images don't quite reflect the see-through nature of the dress
  • Sunday
  • Yesterday's pictures of Saira Todd are from a series called "A Few Short Journeys of the Heart". The 'capper is nicknamed Pitters, if you save them by author.
  • Here are a couple more of Saira, from a series called "A Fatal Inversion"
  • Saira again
  • Stone Cold
  • Stone Cold always sends me obscenely funny letters, the kind that would make me the object of FBI investigations and terrorist attacks if I printed them. Today I let him snake through the pipeline (with some editing). The comments are his own.
  • "Scooperman, don't be too hard on yourself for being fooled by that Sarah Jessica Parker fake. It could have happened to anyone. In fact, it could have happened to Parker. Why am I being nice to you? Because that ain't no fake, dillweed! That thar' be one sweet pic of The Bonier Broderick, as presented in the new issue of Interview magazine, which by the way is the best porn you can buy for under three bucks. Of course, if they used decent paper, you'd have to take out a second mortgage to buy an issue. Good pictures, good content, thousands of pages, but all printed on recycled McDonald's napkins. I sent you the Parker picture and some more from Interview."
  • "There is also a Spice Girl in a see-through top. But the girl, she doesn't have any top to see. DiCaprio has bigger tits. I don't know her name. She's a Mel, and she's a white cracker. In fact she's very white. She's so white she makes Barry Manilow look like Wilson MoFuckin' Pickett."
  • "The quality on the Friel picture really sucks, but I ain't never seen it before, so consider it for that Anna Friel Worshipping Guy. Worship this."
  • "There's also one of Mariah Carey. Why bother scanning Mariah in a bikini? Because of the Maria Carey Law. It goes like this. We all know that she's the most temperamental ballbusting mofo woman that ever walked, and a real ego case. In fact, every guy in the world, knowing that, would fuck her anyway. You'd look deep into her eyes and see pure evil. You'd get a vision of hell, and hear those Gregorian Chants, and know that your soul would be doomed for all eternity if you fucked her. And then you'd fuck her anyway. No exceptions. Steven Fucking Hawking would stop contemplating the universe just long enough to contemplate her honey pot. Pope John-Paul-George-Ringo would issue a new encyclical on birth control within about six minutes if she told him he could have a piece with a rubber on."
  • Sonja Martin
  • So much interest in Sonja all of a sudden! FR leads it off with five more collages from "Lemon Popsicle 7"
  • Sonja Martin, "Lemon Popsicle 7"
  • Sonja Martin, "Lemon Popsicle 7"
  • Sonja Martin, "Lemon Popsicle 7"
  • Sonja Martin, "Lemon Popsicle 7"
  • The rest of these are from Mongoose. As always, the words are his own. The first one is a pretty non-nude. the rest are hot. "Well...I was holding these until I got the whole bunch finished, but with the recent upsurge in interest in 80's eurosex goddess (aka Lady Mongoose) Sonja Martin, I decided to send these scans on in for public consumption. These scans are from UK Penthouse circa Summer 1989 (v29 n9) and are the most recent Sonja pics I have come across. Here's the first (non-nude but RJL's fave)"
  • "Number two is your more traditional nudey mag type pose. These scans are dedicated to naked opera king DB! HE DA MAN!!! "
  • "Crazy as it is, I don't have any pics here of Sonja's magnificent ass. Here's a shot of her three (or is it four?) finger gap. Supernice."
  • "Sonja again. There are three more pics from this mag pictorial which I have not scanned yet...but I will very soon. I'm no scanner but I think these came out pretty decent."
  • On The Edge
  • DiamondEdge's project today is The Naked Detective, which is not to be confused with The Nude Bomb. I think they should make The Naked Detective into a Cinemax series with Denise Richards in the title role. Comparing her to those other Private Eyes, I don't think she'd have to rough you up or slip you a $20 bill. I think you'd talk to her. Yeah, ya'd sing like a canary, ya big jamoke. The leadoff hitter here is Carolyn Renee Smith
  • Carolyn Renee Smith
  • Carolyn Renee Smith
  • Carolyn Renee Smith. A cool picture. Her body parts are jammed up against teh shower curtain
  • Camille Donatacci. Camille is a fox.
  • Camille Donatacci
  • Camille Donatacci
  • Camille Donatacci
  • The Snapper
  • El Snapedor is never boring. "Body Parts of Annie Morton". Annie's face
  • Annie's arse
  • Annie's crotch
  • Annie's nipple
  • Fishy smell
  • I'm still waiting for Tuna to capture Romeo and Juliet, so I can use my joke about "two star-kis't lovers". Oops, I guess I just spoiled it. Consider this the first of Scoopy's Spoilers for the Stupid: at the end, Romeo and Juliet both buy the farm. Unless Hollywood films it. Then they up getting a condo together in a funky university section of Verona. Oh, yeah, here's #2 in the series: Norman Bates and his mom are the same person. Back to the point, here's Jessica Lange in "Everybody's All-American"
  • Beverly D'Angelo in "Hair"
  • Beverly D'Angelo in "Hair". I feel like singing my favorite song. "Nibbie abba noobie, libbie abba loobie, la lee la lee lo .... ". I know that "MacArthur Park" was the runaway victor in Dave Barry's Bad Song Poll, but maybe the voters hadn't heard "Good Morning Starshine"
  • Bridget Fonda in "You Can't Hurry Love". No nudity, but pokers.
  • Jean Poremba in "You Can't Hurry Love". Plenty of nudity here, to atone for Bridget.
  • The Two Sheilas
  • Besides being the Australian name for "Laverne and Shirley" re-runs, the Two Sheilas are a couple of Brazilian Bombshells. Scheila Carvalho is a petite brunette, and Sheila Mello is a big ol' blond. Here they are canoeing down the Amazon.
  • Hyapatia
  • Caught-Celebs sent over a quick dozen of adult star Hyapatia Lee. They are all basic gynecology shots.
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Hyapatia
  • Helcrom
  • Hi, I'm Tane McClure, and you might remember me from such other grade b hits as "Apache Beach Party", "Bachelor Barmaids", "Captive Carhops", and "Cheerleaders in Creosote". Today, Helcrom has captured me in "Go"
  • Nikki Fritz, same movie, same scene
  • Renee Griffin, "Showdown in Little Tokyo"
  • ... and ...
  • Sonia Braga in "Dona Flor" (Graphic Response)
  • Queen Paola of Belgium (a good upskirt)
  • Olivia Pascal in "Vanessa" (ScanMan)
  • Olivia Pascal in "Vanessa"
  • Saturday starts here!
  • Quite a few people wrote me to say that there is a much easier way to look at the firstview picture collection. Go to this address, and you'll find the pictures organized and labeled by model within each collection. Thanks for the tip, guys! Needless to say, I'm not at all expert when it comes to models. If you guys want to submit items which may be of interest, use One guy wrote to say that he has a couple hundred already sorted and identified ... sure, send them in - not all at once, but send in maybe five a day like Tuna does, and you'll be a regular feature. Just add an attachment to your mail. Most standard e-mail programs can add five or more attachments, or some guys prefer to put them in a zip file and send a single attachment. This is where you click for the site that organizes the firstview pictures.
  • Once again, many, many people wrote in to identify this model (same picture as yesterday) as Maggie Rizer.
  • Here is one more nude model picture from that Mario Sorrenti redhead collection, scanned by The Snapper. If you know her, tell us about it.
  • This is only related to the thread because it is scanned by the Snapper. It is a treasure. I have never seen this odd picture of Tara Fitzgerald anywhere before. Snapper scanned it himself, froma limited issue book called "It's Nothing Personal" by John Stoddart. Her body parts seem in such disproportion that it looks to me like another one of those fakes. Her head looks about twice as big as it should be. I guess it is a matter of the camera's perspective and the fact that she's sitting on a sink or a dressing table, with some parts of her body closer than others to the camera. I don't know, it just looks odd to me. Anyway, there is an exposed breast. Great find, Snapper!
  • One of those blooper shows showed Mr Blackwell adjusting Sally Kirkland's dress one time when her boob fell out. It was censored on the blooper show, but Dick Clark mentioned that the incident originally made it to the air on a live show. Are there any caps?
  • Does anyone have any pictures of Dana Gillespie, an actress who was in "The Land that Time Forgot"
  • Does anyone have any pictures of Tina Thorner? She's a Scandinavian babe who is a navigator for motorsports rally events. I never heard of her, although she and President Eisenhower were a great racing team. After he retired as President, Eisenhower got into motor sports pretty heavy, and who could ever forget the driving team of Ike and Tina Thorner. OK, maybe she never worked with Eisenhower, but the word among motorsports enthusiasts is that she stripped for a Euronaughty publication and that the results were highly satisfactory. Of course, as my correspondent pointed out, this may mean that she looks better naked than Mario Andretti, but does anyone have the goods? You can keep the nudes of Mario, but any Tina's would be cool.
  • One visitor wrote to say that Wendy Malick (the jaded model on "Just Shoot Me") may have done a topless scene on "Dream On". Don't think that's right, but she was a model. Anyone have any good stuff?
  • One guy wrote to tell me that a new book of photos has a near-nude of Jennifer Aniston. No need to wait until we get the book. Here's the pic. She looks nude, but this once was in a pop magazine so it's tasteful and don't expect all that much exposure. I do think it's the sexiest posed picture of Aniston.
  • Another new guy presents ..
  • I've never seen Saira Todd naked before, and I really don't know who she is. I do know that if you live in the UK, you probably see her in a different mini-series every year. She's been in three different ones in the past three years. The guy who sent them in didn't tell me which one they are from. As far as I can tell, her only starring role was in "Holding On", according to IMDb. There are full-frontals in here! (Have to love the BBC) Can somebody from the UK please tell us which series they are from?
  • Saira Todd, more frontals.
  • Saira Todd, chest close-up. The imager didn't put a name on the caps, and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to use anything from his e-mail, so they are unsigned.
  • RDO
    Hi Scoop,
    I rented the other Margaret Langrick movie that I know of. In this one she
    lives with her father, who is an eccentric tow truck driver and collector of
    junk. He finds a travelling salesman almost frozen to death in a blizzard,
    and brings him and his car home as a present for his daughter's 18th
    birthday. He instructs her to undress the guy and rub him down with warm
    water to revive him. She does so off camera. Then he heads back out to see
    what else he might find. When the salesman comes around, she proceeds
    to undress and take a bath herself.
    Later her dad comes back and gets very drunk along with the salesman. He
    has his daughter do a strip tease for the guy, then he belts him for looking
    at his daughter. After that it gets weird, and since there was no more
    nudity, I only watched it with the scan button. When I first saw this one I
    was considerably younger and had seen much less screen nudity. I remembered
    it as being a good bit more explicit than it actually is. The strip show,
    especially, is actually barely visible. Ah, well. Youth is wasted on the
    young, eh?
    I also got my own caps of Sandra Beall in "Key Exchange" and Sondra Locke
    in "Suzanne".
    And I bought the DVD issue of "The Man Who Fell to Earth". Now there's a
    daunting task. It may be about a 3 week job. Do you know who the 3 girls
    are near the beginning when Bowie is doing his telepathic thing and
    "mind-watching" the couples making out in nearby hotel rooms? I have caps,
    but no names.

    Hey, RDO, one place to start is the back issues - searching for the movie. I think you'll find some useful ID's and stuff in past issues. I think I finally got all three or two out of three ID'd - look up the castmembers in the Encyclopedia, and I think you may have some luck there as well. If still in doubt, we'll work on it when we post them.

  • Locke in "Suzanne". Enlargement. Topless on her back.
  • Locke in "Suzanne". Enlargement. Topless, upright.
  • Locke in "Suzanne". All images.
  • Langrick in "Cold Comfort". The striptease.
  • Langrick in "Cold Comfort". Pre-bath.
  • Langrick in "Cold Comfort". Pre-bath.
  • Sandra Beall in "Key Exchange", Storyboard
  • Sandra Beall in "Key Exchange", Storyboard
  • Sandra Beall in "Key Exchange", enlargement
  • Sandra Beall in "Key Exchange", enlargement
  • Aesthete
    Greetings Scoop,
    This week, I've capped and collaged one of those late night "Skinnemax"
    movies. Not a great movie, but the nudity was pretty good. Most of the
    collages are of Kim Yates, who's done several other movies, and from the
    titles, I'll bet the main attraction of them all is skin. The other
    actress is Lauren Hays, who is probably best know for the "Great Bikini
    Off-Road Adventure", if one calls that being known.
    Anyway, the collages came out pretty good, and they're both good looking
    actresses. The plot, by the way, was kind of a remake of "Single White
    Female" into "Married White Couple", if you know what I mean.
    I hope you like the collages.
  • Kim's shirt flies open
  • Kim removes the top of her swimsuit
  • Lauren removes the top of her swimsuit
  • Kim and Lauren topless at the beach
  • Kim: sex scene
  • Kim: sex scene
  • Kim: sex scene close-up
  • Kim and Lauren find each other VERY entertaining
  • Kim and Lauren: sex scene continues
  • Kim and Lauren: sex scene close-up
  • Lauren's boobs in close-up
  • There is no dedicated Aesthete website, but he's here almost every week on the weekend page, and has been for months and months. Search for "Aesthete" with the search function in the back issues. We have more than a year of back issues, plus the rasslin' babes site, the fakes, the Fun House, the Encyclopedia, and the Mardi Gras pics. Click here to sign up, log in, or get info
  • Tuna nears Blastoff
  • The Big Fish is nearing the end of the Maxim Countdown. (No nudity). #10 Esther Canadas. Nothin' against Esther, but I think anyone could find more than nine sexier women with the world to choose from.
  • #9 Denise. I wonder if she'll endure. She's tremendously sexy, and I'm not just saying that because we're an item, but because it's true. But will her career have "legs"?
  • #8 Kate Moss.
  • #7 Heidi Klum. If I ever get a shot at showbiz, I'm hiring the same people she hired. Two years ago she's dead nobody. Now she's #7.
  • #6. Monica Belucci. It's not that she doesn't deserve a high spot because she is sexy as all get out, no question, but isn't she kinda obscure to make the #6 spot? I think they missed my cousin Julie in Krakow. She's cute.
  • Noteworthy
  • I used to think that the title of world's best-ever butt had to be between Naomi Campbell and Jaime Pressly, but I'm steadily coming over to the Sonja Martin camp. Submitted for your consideration
  • #2 of martin, submitted for your consideration
  • Tina Arena performs in a see-through on French TV.
  • Charlotte Lewis, "Excessive Force". I'm not sure what kept her from greater fame, but I don't think it was her looks.
  • Michelle Mercier in "Shoot the Piano Player". Best caps I've ever seen from this movie, by Scanman. I've always wondered about Truffaut's sense of humor. You know how you watch Mel Brooks movies and you laugh a lot because Mel wants you to. And when you watch Ed Wood movies you laugh a lot, but he didn't think you would? Truffaut has directed some of the funniest scenes I've ever seen, and I was the only one in the theater laughing. When Aznavour and the girl are being followed by the baddies, she pulls out her compact mirror to watch them without turning around, and it looks like their faces are about a foot from the mirror and in a very silly and contrived pose, when in fact they are far away, I thought it was about the best and most unexpected visual gag I'd ever seen. I sure hope Truffaut was in on the joke. "Piano Player" is one of my favorite movies. I know it changes tone from serious to comic, and from sincere to absurd, and back again several times, and the lighting and mood change just as abruptly. Many people think this is inappropriate, but I just think this is the king of the quirky films. I've been unkind to the French New Wave in the past, especially to Resnais and Godard, but I forgave that movement everything because of Truffaut. I think I'm willing to forgive almost anything for someone with a sense of humor.
  • Great Danes
  • I don't think we've ever run an entire section of Danes before. The comments and ID's were made by Dalton. He's also identified his original file names. In his file names, the name comes first. Anything after an @ is a movie title. DT is Dalton's own self-abbreviation. Birgitte Raaberg@Midt Om Natten-DT.jpg. She's a actress... probably most famous for her role in Lars von Trier's "The Kingdom"
  • Lisbeth Dahl@Hoefeber-DT.jpg . Another actress... Probably most famous for her stage career
  • Sanne Hamburger-DT.jpg. Married to Danish professional cyclist Bo Hamburger
  • Trine Dyrholm@Springflod-DT.jpg. Actress, most famous for her role in the tv series "Taxi"
  • Pia Vieth-DT.jpg Also starred in "Taxi"... I think I've allready sent you this before
  • Pernille Hoejmark-DT.jpg Another from "Taxi". Also done lots of other stuff... she's even a professional singer too
  • Puk Elgaard1-DT.jpg Danish tv host... she's been on a kid show a couple of years... these vidcaps are from a travel show she did. No nudity.
  • Puk Elgaard2-DT.jpg Danish tv host... she's been on a kid show a couple of years... these vidcaps are from a travel show she did.
  • Puk Elgaard3-DT.jpg Danish tv host... she's been on a kid show a couple of years... these vidcaps are from a travel show she did.
  • Lotte Feder-DT.jpg. She's a kid show host... No nudity
  • Mette Lisby-DT.jpg. Stand up comedian, has her own TV show. No nudity.
  • Kirsten Nordholt@Skovturen-DT.jpg . Actress, both movie and stage..
  • Camilla & Chalotte Wisoefeldt1-DT.jpg. Camilla is on a very popular TV-show called "Robinson"... She's a contestant... (No nudity in these)
  • Camilla & Chalotte Wisoefeldt2-DT.jpg. Camilla is on a very popular TV-show called "Robinson"... She's a contestant...
  • Camilla & Chalotte Wisoefeldt3-DT.jpg. Camilla is on a very popular TV-show called "Robinson"... She's a contestant...