TV Recap

There was a long strip club sequence on Saturday's Survivor's Remorse. None of the strippers were identified by name.

There were two noteworthy segments on Friday's Naked News:

There was an audition from Lydia, a painfully thin woman, but one with a tight butt (see below)

Whitney St.John hosted the Hollywood XPress segment


Ulrike Tscharre supplied some bare flesh in a recent episode of Tatort. This police procedural has been on the air since 1970.

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"The Bridge"



Diane Kruger

TV/Film Clips

Frederikke Dahl Hansen in Copenhagen (2014) in 1080hd

Leticia Dolera in Semen una historia de amor (2005)

Turns out that naked brunette in the opening credits of The Naked Gun (1988) was scream queen Brinke Stevens 


Lindsay Lohan ... nip-slip ... you know the drill

Tove Lo flashes the crowd in Atlanta