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Johnny's comments:

Premature is a teen sex comedy about Rob (John Karna) who wakes up after his wet dream and is about to have a very bad day. He has an interview with an university recruiter (Alan Tudyk) and his suit has been stained by piss shot out of a water pistol by the jocks. He has a terrible interview in secondhand shorts, but things are looking up when the hot girl Angela (Carlson Young) asks him over to her house to help her study for a test. Sure, it means he has to break off watching the spelling championships with his friend Gabrielle (Katie Findlay), but it for a good cause. At Angela's house, she tells him that she wants to have sex with him, but this leads to him prematurely ejaculating. Then, Rob wakes up in the same place as he did the previous morning. He is experiencing the previous day again and when he gets to Angela's house, it happens all over again. It seems that every time he cums, he goes back to the lying in a puddle in his bed like he did the first time. No matter what he tries or how his best friend Stanley (Craig Roberts) interferes, he cannot break the loop. So, what is it that will get him out of the loop and onto the next day.

Yeah, it's Groundhog Day with a teen sex twist, which is well... a bit grotesque, but there's a few laughs to be had, but not a lot of the spark that makes Groundhog Day work. The main character isn't the greatest and he doesn't win us over, but I kinda liked his two friends, especially British actor Craig Roberts, who seems to be getting decent roles in America now.

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Richter, Otto, and Gummer

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Caitlin Stasey

Spice Girl Jeri Halliwell, back in the day