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Victoria Abril film clips. Raw screen grabs below.

Scoop's notes:

I was surprised to see that there were no reviews of this film in The Movie House. Bottom line: Tuna and I both loved it. It is Almodovar at his best: artistic, vibrant, obsessive, funny and (the good part) perverted. This is still my favorite of his films, although it is probably his worst-regarded.

It stars Antonio Banderas when he was in his late 20s.







The theme for this week's caps: the 1970s. The majority of these films are completely forgettable. Here is Part 2

Malibu Beach

From 1978 we have Malibu Beach.

Kim Lankford

Susan Player

Tara Strohmeier

and some unknowns are topless

Sherrie Lee Marks

and Flora Plumb are looking good.

Malibu High

Still in Malibu we have Malibu High (1979).

Jill Lansing spends a lot of time topless

and Tammy Taylor is also topless.

The Pom Pom Girls

Still in high school with randy schoolgirls, we come to The Pom Pom  Girls (1976).

Susan Player

Jennifer Ashley

Diane Lee Hart

Rainbeaux Smith

and Lisa Reeves are topless.

There are also a couple of group collages.

Trip with the Teacher (1975)

Another shocker is Trip with the Teacher with an IMDB rating of 2.2. A group of schoolgirls are captured and the most irritating part about it from my point of view was how stupid they acted.

Jill Voigt

and Brenda Fogarty show their breasts.

Cathy Worthington

Dina Ousley

and Susie Russell are looking good.

Van Nuys Blvd.

Van Nuys Blvd. (1979) is another teen movie. Plenty of naked and partially dressed ladies including

Cynthia Wood

 Di Ann Monaco

Melissa Prophet

Susanne Severeid

Tara Strohmeier

Nancy McCauley

Renee Harmon

and some not identified.

Tomorrow: the next installment of "Silk Stalkings"



Lea Seydoux and Karina Testa in Des Poupees Des Anges

Karina Testa in Des Poupees Des Anges

Ana Alvarez in Tierno verano ...



From Las Llaves de Independencia: Marcela Walerstein and Yohana Cobo

Sherilyn Fenn and Vicki Benson in The Wraith