s1e1, 1080hd

Kaitlyn Dever

La Casa de Papel

s3e7, 1080hd

Itziar Ituno

Naked News

Sept 17, 1080hd

Laura Desiree hosted the Naked Entertainment segment


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Scout Toujours ...

1985, 1920x1040

Agnes Blanchot


"Femme Fatales"

Femme Fatales was a Cinemax series made in 2011 to 2012. There were two seasons and 25 episodes. Each episode was introduced by Tanit Phoenix and is a self-contained story about women. Being Cinemax, there is plenty of nudity.

These caps are from the second season and were made in 2012.

Episode 4

Catherine Annette

Sandra McCoy

more Sandra McCoy in the deleted scenes

Tanit Phoenix

Some vintage models not identified


1980, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Syngenor is a silly B-thriller in which a company has developed psychotic super soldier Synegor monsters for use in the upcoming wars in the Middle East, and they have been let loose thanks to a couple of workers who want to take over the company. Turns out they are unstoppable killing machines who asexually reproduce. The boss of the company has completely lost his mind, so it's up to the daughter of the developer of the Syngenor and a persistent journalist to help save the day.

Totally B-grade and completely silly and has an all time over-the-top performance from David Gale, even topping his work in two Re-Animator movies.

Julia Kruis film clip (sample below)

Cynda Williams in Caught Up (1998) in 1080hd

Elizabeth Hurley in Rowing With The Wind (1988) in 1080hd
Elizabeth Hurley's face looks better now, 50ish, then when she did then, 20ish

Danielle Colby

Jena Malone

Kaia Gerber (Cindy Crawford's look-alike daughter)