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"The Bridge"



Diane Kruger

The Road Within


The Road Within is a drama about Vincent (Robert Sheehan) who suffers from Tourette Syndrome, is taken to a clinic run by Mia (Kyra Sedgwick) by his wannabe politician father Robert (Robert Patrick) mainly so that Vincent can be out of the way while he campaigns. At the clinic, Vincent shares a room with OCD clean freak Alex (Dev Patel), which starts badly and then he is given a tour of the facility by Marie (Zoƫ Kravitz), who suffers from anorexia. When Vincent 'attacks' a kid from a neighbouring school, it gives Marie an idea to steal Mia's car keys so they can go on a trip. Alex attempts to stop them, but Vincent bundles him into the car and he unwillingly tags along. The three go on a drive with their only specific location being 'the ocean', while Mia calls Robert and they go after the kids, begrudgingly so for Robert as he has to halt campaigning. When they are tracked down and about to be taken back, Marie and Vincent trick Robert so that they can take Robert's car while Alex now willingly tags along. Their journey continues where Vincent and Marie falls for each other as the three continue to fight and they also help each other have minor breakthroughs. OK road movie where the three leads are good enough to keep a simple story about the trio of misfits finding themselves, well sort of, going for it's entire length. Not much to the movie but still works.

Zoe Kravitz 1080hd film clip (collages below)

A Thousand Kisses Deep


A Thousand Kisses Deep is a time travel drama (of sorts) where Mia (Jodie Whittaker) sees an old woman jump from a building she just left after picking up her dead father's belongings from Max (David Warner), the caretaker of the building. With the dead woman is a bunch of papers and a photo which is of Mia and her former boyfriend Ludwig (Dougray Scott). This startles Mia as she did not know the woman, so she goes back to Max to see if her can help with an explanation. Mia convinces Max to let her into the dead woman's apartment for a look around without touching anything, but Mia recognises that many of the belongings are hers. She confronts Max with a letter, where he tells her that by removing the letter she has changed the order of the world and then takes Mia into the elevator to fix this. At the floor she gets off she sees and talks to Ludwig, who is attempting to woo his girlfriend who just happens to be a younger version of herself. She watches them as Ludwig tells the younger Mia that he is going to America to further his career. On the way out, she picks up younger Mia's cat, but Max tells her that this puts the order of the world further out of shape. Mia now goes on a journey to different moments in her life that will have a major impact on her life, finding the Ludwig is a terrible pig of a person and the reason her life is a mess, but going through her life, right back to when she was a child and beyond, she realises how much of an impact Ludwig has had on her life and now she has to find out how to fix it and get herself (and Max) out of this time trap and possibly change her own fate. I love a time travel story, but A Thousand Kisses Deep is one gigantic mess of a movie that is so baffling that enormous leaps of faith and logic have to made to accept much of this story. For one, Mia, pretty much looking the same as she does in many scene interacts with other characters as herself, but the other character think she is another woman named Mia. What the hell? This is all wrapped up in such a bizarre fashion that not only would it have completely changed her fate, it would... no, that doesn't happen, I'm confused... It does have one interesting twist which is also a bit fucked up, but apart from that, A Thousand Kisses Deep is a total mess, making little sense and... I just don't know...

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Freida Pinto of Slumdog Millionaire in Blunt Force Trauma (2015) in 1080hd

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Pauline Etienne in Tokyo Fiancee (2014) in 1080hd

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Fern Sutherland in The Almighty Johnsons (s3e13) in 720p

Fern Sutherland in The Almighty Johnsons (s1e6) in 720p

Mary Legault in Forbidden Science (s1e8) in 1080hd

Genevieve O'Reilly in Cyber Wars (2004)

Barbara Carrera in I The Jury (1982)


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