TV Round-Up

Nicholle Tom got nekkid in episode 2 of Masters of Sex

(Along with Madeline Zima, she was one of the daughters on The Nanny)

there was also brief, dark nudity from an unidentified actress

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The Curious Dr. Humpp


Brainscan's comments:

The Curious Dr. Humpp is a 50's scifi monster movie (The Brain That Would Not Die) as though it were filmed in the 70's by Russ Meyer.  So Dr. Humpp - now there's some subtlety right there - sends out a henchmonster to capture folks as they engage in sexual activity.  He is not discriminating.  Boy on girl?  He gets em.  Girl on girl?   Them, too.  (I guess that makes him the Bi-Curious Dr. Humpp.)  A gal engaged in autoerotic fingerplay?  Yup, her too.  And a stripper.  Did I mention the stripper?  Even a foursome of self-described hippies.  Why, you ask, does he want or need people doing the sexy thing?  Because the good doctor isolates from them the elixir of life for a brain in a jar that just keeps on living.  Fine, fine, sure, sure.  The point is this: the whole kind-of-plot thing is designed to get a bunch of women nekkid as often as possible.  The hippies, alone, go on forever, which is both good and bad because those gals were the ones I could not identify.  The women for whom name and face/body could be matched were Gloria Pratt as the stripper, Greta Williams as the self-pleasuring gal who finds a partner post-kidnapping, Mary Albano as one of the lesbians (the other?  I dunno) and Susana Beltran as Dr. Humpp's faithful nurse.  Now, Ms. Beltran is worthy of special note because she possessed the kind of hooters women pay big bucks to get but fail every time.  Seriously, if augmentation surgery gave every woman those hooties there would be many more plastic surgeons and lots of happy men.  Anyway, the movie goes along and there is this protagonist newspaper reporter who has the James Bondian ability to turn a woman to his side by pairing up with them and finds a gun and alerts the authorities and it all comes crashing down.  Yay.

This will cover several days

Today: a clip of the hippie foursome

and a clip of Susana Beltran, with a collage below


The Stranger Within


Johnny's comments

The Stranger Within is a Danish made B thriller, although it is mostly set on a fictional Mediterranean island. World famous actress Emily Moore (Estella Warren, OK, that's a stretch...) is kidnapped and raped by a deranged fan after a triumphant showing on stage. The kidnapping is seemingly about a woman who died in Emily's house not long before, but also police save Emily, the kidnapper gets away. Some time later, Emily is encouraged to get away to their island home by her psychiarist husband Robert (William Baldwin) as she is having trouble getting back into acting. One night, the couple are disturbed by a frantic knock on the door by Sarah (Sarah Butler), who is covered in the blood of her boyfriend who apparently died in a hiking accident. The couple help Sarah get back on her feet, but something is not quite right about her and Emily does not want her hanging around the house, particularly as she thinks Sarah is out to usurp her. Maybe Emily's just a little nuts...

I love a B-thriller, mainly because every once in a while you come across a good one. The Stranger Within has a promising start, but the third act is a complete write-off, absolutely terrible and makes little sense, particularly when things are set up and then completely abandoned later for a nonsensical ending. We never find out who the kidnapper is or what the relevance of the dead girl was. And why did Sarah inexplicably come back to the house after she was banished when it turns out she's not a stalker at all? Ugh... Hey, I totally watched this movie because Estella Warren was great in the over-the-top Blue Seduction and of course because of Sarah Butler from the I Spit On Your Grave remake

Sarah Butler collages

Slightly Single in L.A.


Johnny's comments

I'd love to give a synopsis of Slightly Single in L.A., but the fact that I watched a movie with that title is way too much to begin with. Something about Lacey Chabert's character moving to L.A. so that she can live life without getting into a serious relationship until she meets an old friend, a rock star played by Kip Pardue, who's the type of bloke that only appears in movies, but of course she procrastinates until realising he's the one. Yeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!

Collages of Lacey Chabert not getting naked yet again

TV/Film clips

Teresa Weissbach in Ein Sommer in Kapstadt (2010)

Renee Soutendijk in De Flat (1994)


Model Ashley Smith

Nabilla Benattia wardrobe (mal?)function

Jennifer Nicole Lee wardrobe malfunction in Miami

Jennifer Nicole Lee wardrobe malfunction in the Hamptons

Shelley Michelle in the immortal cinema classic Showgirls 2

Rena Riffel, the star of Showgirls 2

Kelly Devine from the special features of the Chillerama (2011) DVD

The other women from Chillerama:

Phoebe Lamour

Sunny Lane

Briana Mackay

Michelle Maylene

Michelle Johnson shows off the jumbo jacks (and more) in Blame it on Rio (1984)

Demi Moore shows off her tiny pre-op chest in Blame it on Rio (1984)