Slow news day! Pretty much nothing new in the way of film clips (although Aesthete's 1080p clips from Halloween II are kinda awesome), but at least a few new pics.

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Halloween II



  Pamela Susan Shoop

Scoop's note: Pamela was spectacularly beautiful, but her movie career stopped here. She did manage to hang in for another decade or so in TV shows. She has her own website.

Film/TV Clips

Annika Ernst in Schwarzherz (2012)

Anita Caprioli in Cocapop (2010), with Michelle Carpente

A younger Anita Caprioli in Tutti giu per terra (1997)

Jill Jacobson in Nurse Sherri (1978)


New Heidi Klum topless paparazzi pics

Nicole Moore in The Babymakers (2012)

Leilani Sarelle in For the Love of Money (2012)

Helena Mattsson in The Babymakers (2012)

Frances O'Connor in Book of Love (2004)

Frances O'Connor in Madame Bovary (2000)