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"Spartacus: Blood and Sand"

in 1920x1080


Leslie-Ann Brandt, Lucy Lawless, and unknown (samples below)




Hot Springs Hotel

Finishing off Hot Springs Hotel (1997), the soft core series. Samantha Phillips and Glori Gold were the two females who ran the hotel. There were plenty of boobs and bums but no bush. The other problem was the credits, which were a work of fiction. Some actresses weren't listed in the credits, some listed in the credits weren't actually in the show and some credits were just plain wrong. I managed to identify the vast majority particularly with the help of the Internet but there are a couple of gaps.

Episode 12 - A.W.O.L.

Darlene Margolis - breasts

Glori Gold - cleavage

Jennifer Crane - breasts

Jen Stewart - breasts

Miyoko (Flower Edwards) - breasts

Samantha Phillips - breasts and bum

Tammy Cobb - breasts

Unknown - breasts

Episode 13 - Layout

Avalon Anders - sexy

C C Costigan - sexy

Deanna Merryman - breasts

Glori Gold - sexy

Sabrina Allen - see-through

Samantha Phillips - sexy

Tracy Garrison - breasts

Victoria Vogel - breasts

Episode 14 - Girls in the Band

Deanna Merryman -

Glori Gold - cleavage

Samantha Phillips - underwear

Unknown - some lovely thong action

Episode 15 - Fantasy

Deanna Merryman -

Glori Gold - breasts

Sabrina Allen -

Samantha Phillips - sexy


Victoria Vogel -

Unknown - a few shots of bikini-clad women



Blue Seduction

(2009; TV)

Erotic movie with little nudity but a lot of bountiful bosoms.

Estella Warren: side boob, bra and panties having sex.

Jane Wheeler: boobs almost falling out of teddy.

The Girl in Blue

(1973; aka "U-Turn")

Recently restored and released to DVD. However the DVD version is open matte while the old VHS version is closed matte with more screen area. Some of the best nudity from the VHS era has been ruined by this matting process.

Gay Rowan: boob and butt by Starlost actress; DVD version

Gay Rowan: from the VHS version

Maud Adams: topless; DVD version.

Maud Adams: VHS version.


J'en suis!

(1997; aka "Heads or Tails"

French-Canadian movie restored for DVD release. But this has a gay theme,  with all the frontal nudity being male.

Charlotte Laurier: boob and butt.

Arielle Dombasle: leg.

Le deserteur


Another movie from Quebec.

Viviane Audet: topless in sex scene.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

(2008 TV movie)

PG-rated creature feature with a rare nipple sighting from Victoria Pratt.  (Boob visible through blouse after swimming in knickers.)

"Lost Girl"

episode: "It's a Fae, Fae, Fae, Fae World" (s1e01)

New Showcase series about a succubus (who might by bisexual).

Anna Silk: side boob and plumber's crack while lesbian doctor played by Zoie Palmer ogles her body.


episode: "I Say a Little Prayer" (s1e02)

Alyson Michalka: cleavage in sports bra.

Emma Lahana: Kiwi actress showing some upskirt while doing high kicks.


le episode: "Points sensibles" (s1e20, 2002)

Radio-Canada French-language series from Quebec.

Sophie Cadieux: bare back, sexy in tank top.


episode: "Erroneous Zone" (s1e14)

Rumours is the CBC English-language remake of Rumeurs, with this episode translated from "Points sensibles," and Stephanie Mills substituting for Sophie Cadieux. Despite the sexing up the series (the camera was literally staring down her tank top), the English series got quickly canceled after only a dozen episodes while the original French series ran for several more seasons.

Stephanie Mills: very nice cleavage.


(2010; short; preview only)

Very weird short film from reading the description.

Emily Alatalo: Canadian b-movie actress shows some boob and butt.

"Eternal Kiss"

(2010; preview only)

This vampire movie premiers this week at the Atlantic Film Festival in Halifax (the birthplace of the Trailer Park Boys).

Amy Kerr: cleavage, lesbian kiss.




Kick off with five from Squiddy, starting with Andressa Fontana

Christie Brinkley

Davorka Tovilo

Guinevere von Seenus

Jane Fonda

On to Alicia Marek in Machete (cam)

Mayra Leal in Machete (cam)

Irina Bjorkland in The American (cam)

Violante Placido in The American (cam)

Jessica Alba upskirt in The Killer Inside Me

Karine Asure in Mes Amis

Sascha Biesi in Dust to Dust

Camile Alves in The Confidant

Tricia Newby in Carry On Emmanuelle

Loredana Cannata in La Donna Lupo

A very young Kendra Wilkinson shows off her new boob job in 2003

Janna Victoria in Lagrista

Marianne Faithfull in I'll Never Forget What's His Name

Carol White in I'll Never Forget What's His Name



Olga Kurylenko in The Assassin Next Door 720p

Some of the must-see nudity of 2010: Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko in Room in Rome. Various samples below




Frances O'Connor in Madame Bovary (sample below)

Kinsey Packard in Infestation 1080p (sample below)

Ingrid Rubio in Que se mueran los feos (samples below)

Nicoll Dawson and Bai Ling in Circle Of Pain 720p (sample below)

Ragnhild Hilt in Rallarblod (sample below)

Ulrike Tscharre in Letzter Moment 720p (sample below)

A few more Deutschebabes from Sledge (samples right)