Today's Images
SE7EN in the Realm of the SENSES
  • SE7EN got himself a new DVD player and started capping from it. WOW! The clarity and color of these caps is stunning. He started with the sexually explicit art film "In the Realm of the Senses". I can only run five of them here (and even some of these are debatable), but the rest are posted now in the members area. Here's Eiko Matsuda topless and standing.
  • Here's a look into Eiko!
  • Here are two beautiful shots of her lying alone on her back.
  • Here are a couple of full-frontal nudes
  • And here she is submitting to a fingering. The guy seems uninterested, as he does in many of the frames. Most people smoek after sex. This guy lights up in the act.
  • From RoSa and Scanman
  • A bunch of new and classic stuff from a couple of the busiest and most talented 'cappers. First, from Scanman, two more clips from a movie that defines box-office crap, "Showgirls". Of course, as is typical for the English language, the phrase 'box-office crap' has multiple meanings. For example, any movie starring Carrot Top would also be an acceptable definition!
  • Elizabeth Berkley #2. As I've said before, I'm still waiting for "Showgirls 2". Perhaps they could even follow the new trend and make it into a Broadway musical!
  • Not exactly the freshest of 'caps, but they are well done. Here's Glenn Close from "Fatal Attraction", the movie that kept married men honest. Well, until the next summer anyway. That's when "Die Hard" and "Rambo 3" came out. Since the summer of '88, testosterone levels haven't stopped rising in America. As proof of my theory...Even the Bobbit incident only slowed us down a little. And after John Bobbit made a porno...Honestly, can the hormone flow be stopped?
  • Thsi one is a mystery to me, sorry. Here's Antje de Boeck.
  • Our first RoSa scan for the day, here's Kim Dickens. Vidcaps from the movie "Truth or Consequences, NM".
  • Here's Shannen Doherty from "Blindfold: Acts of Obsession". Thankfully, no signs of her co-star Judd Nelson in these 'caps. I saw that Shannen is set to star in a new T.V. series with Alyssa Milano. Knowing the track record of those two. We'll be lucky to have any vidcaps at all. Plus, if we actually got ahold of some 'caps, and managed to avoid litigation, I assure you, there would be no skin anyway!
  • Our next RoSa 'caps. Here's Kelly Preston from "Double Cross".
  • Hey, one thing that our fans know is this...If they see the name Joan Severance, then they are in for some nudity! Since Joan is quite possibly the #1 favorite in the Scoopy Family, we are always happy to have great scans like these. This first one is Joan from "Criminal Intent".
  • Next, here's Joan in "Dangerous Indiscretion".
  • Fem van der Elzen from the movie "Naar de klote!". In English it is called "Wasted!". The movie follows two kids as they dive head first into the drug scene and night life in Amsterdam. Sounds like the high school not far from my house.
  • You know, even though Stephen King has fallen from his spot as the master of horror, I know that many of us still blame him for some of our nightmares. Before the Internet, when I actually read books, I was known to have my nose buried in some of his classics, and I would often ask myself this question..."What scares him?" Well Fun House fans, I think I found that one thing that could make Stephen King's skin crawl, as he turned white with fear, and spontaneously went insane from pure terror. I warn you, it's not for those with weak stomachs! But if you dare glimpse at the the utmost of horror, then here it is, Rosie O'Donnell in a leather dominatrix outfit from "Exit to Eden".
  • If you dare, or if you're just one really sick puppy, then here's one more of Rosie.
    From Hugo
  • More great stuff from fresh off of the newsstand. From the pages of GQ, here's actress, and former lead singer from the Fugees, Lauryn Hill.
  • Lauryn Hill #2.
  • Lauryn Hill #3.
  • One more from the newsstand, the very lovely Denise van Outen.
    From Cheeba Scan
  • Great new stuff from Cheeba, one more of Lene Nystrom.
  • Plus, we forgot to mention this yesterday, but Cheeba also has his own home base, so click on through and say hi!
    Fun House Variety
  • Juliette Binoche in "The English Patient". Not the best 'caps, but she is absolutely spectacular!
  • Tyra Banks
  • The return of the Runway Girls by Valentino! Today on the catwalk, here's Kate Moss, and Eva Herzigova!
  • Next, here's a nice collage of Melanie Griffith.
  • From Don Juan, here's Rosanna Arquette from "Do me a Favor", a.k.a. "Trading Favors".
  • Finally today, Kate Hodge. You may not recognize her name right away, but you've probably seen before on T.V. These 'caps by Minuteman come from the movie "Desire".