s3e6, 720p

Alison Law and Jessica Vanessa DeLeon

Alison Law

Jessica Vanessa DeLeon

Ik weet wie je bent
new series from the Netherlands, episode 4 in 1080hd

Gaite Jansen

The Deuce
s2e2, 1080hd

Hannah Townsend

Tina Tanzer

Model Squad


Ping Hue in episode 3

Olivia Culpo in episode 8

e1065, 720p

Tatiana Nekrasov

Lilly Menke

Les Reves Brises 1918-1939
episode 5 in 1080hd

Roxane Duran

Noces Rouges
season 1 in 1080hd

Alexandra Vandernoot in episode 5

Joyce Bibring in episode 6


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s1e6, 1920x1080

Jelena Nik

Liv Lisa Fries and Sara Serraiocco



Iliana Zabeth

M Je-Sais-Tout


Sarah Bonrepaux

Le Mal Bleu


Sylvie Le Page



Entourage is an HBO TV series based on the acting career of Vince Chase, who suddenly becomes famous. It is the story of Vince and the interaction between him and his entourage of friends and business acquaintances. It was an interesting show, although it could put you off a show-business career. From a FH point of view, there is plenty of nakedness and sexy women. These caps are from Season 4 and were made in 2008.

Season 4, Episode 3: "Malibooty"

Lisa Rinna

Olivia Hardt

Season 4, Episode 5: "The Dream Team"


Season 4, Episode 7: "The Day Fuckers"

Emma Lung

Emmanuelle Chriqui

Shanna Moakler

Sophie Monk

Here's a 1080hd video of Sophie Monk


Bad Samaritan

2018, 1080hd

Johnny's comments:

Bad Samaritan is a thriller about a photographer who works as a valet. With his friend, he robs the houses of people who give them their car to park. One such car leads the photographer to a swanky house where he finds a woman beaten and chained up. He tries to help her escape but needs to get the car back to the owner. It seems the owner is a serial killer and he finds out that the photographer has been in his house as is trying to get the woman out. But the serial killer is prepared for everything and goes about ruining the photographer's life and reputation while finishing off his plans for the chained-up woman.

It's not a bad thriller with some decent to-and-fro between the two protagonists, but I swore this was an Irish/UK movie because the three leads are either Irish or Scottish. Hell, Robert Sheehan even plays an Irish immigrant! But it's an American movie made by one of the guys behind Independence Day.

Jacqueline Byers film clip (collage below)

Sin Rodeos

2018, 1080hd

Maribel Verdu film clip (sample below)

Jemma Dallender and Alena Savostikova (et. al.) in Armed (2018) in 1080hd



Anna Nahabedian in The Hunger (s2e4, DVD quality)