TV Round-Up

Borgia is back. No, not The Borgias, the one with Jeremy Irons. That one has been cancelled. The one still playing is the French-German-Czech one, and that one just started season three, having aired the first two episodes on Monday. Here's the nudity rundown:

Lots of nudity from Marta Gastini as la bella Farnese in episode one

and more Marta Gastini in episode two

no nudity from Isolda Dychauk as Lucrezia, but there was this near miss in episode 1.

breasts from Assumpta Serna in episode two. She turned 57 Tuesday!

unknowns in episode 1

unknowns in episode 2

Map to the Stars


(It has never been released in the USA. My Magic 8-Ball says "Signs point to next year.")

Maps to the Stars (Wikipedia page) is the latest film from the eccentric Canadian auteur David Cronenberg. It was praised at Cannes, earning especial plaudits for Julianne Moore, whose gutsy performance is expected to net her another Oscar nomination. You will see from the clips below that the film, although theoretically a black comedy, is not a cheerful one, to say the least.

Julianne Moore bares her bum in an imaginary conversation with her dead mother.

Julianne also bares her bum and (very briefly) her breasts in a threesome with Jennifer Gibson and Jonathan Watton. The scene is a bit confusing, so let me explain that Gibson is really there but towards the end Julianne imagines that the other woman in the threesome is her deceased mother, played by Sarah Gadon. We therefore get to see both Gibson and Gadon at various times, as clarified in the caps below.




Meanwhile, in another movie (or at least another sub-plot), Olivia Williams is topless in the tub.

  • * Yellow asterisk: funny (maybe).

  • * White asterisk: expanded format.

  • * Blue asterisk: not mine.

  • No asterisk: it probably sucks.


Catch the deluxe version of Other Crap in real time, with all the bells and whistles, here.




season two

today: episode four

Anna Hutchison

Ellie Cork

Tears for Sale


Johnny's comments:

Carlston za Ognjenku (Tears For Sale) is a comedy drama about two sisters Ognjenka (Sonja Kolacaric) and Mala (Katarina Radivojevic) who live in a small Serbian village that consists pretty much only women. This is because all of the men have gone off to war. And things are getting desperate as the only man is a bedridden old man and when the sisters attempt to have relations with him, they are repulsed and decide that they must do something about this. So, they head to the big city to find themselves a man each to take back to their village. Ognjenka meets Dragoljub (Nenad Jezdic), a performer who gets shot out of a cannon and it's love at first sight, while Mala pushes her way through the crowds to get the only other man, Dragoljub's promoter Arsa (Stefan Kapicic). They all head back to the village, but bringing back two men to the love and sex starved village women is not going to end well.

Interesting movie, very different from the average Hollywood fair and feels and looks more like a fantasy movie. There are some truly absurd moments in this movie as it is a world so very foreign to what I know. And I kinda liked it too, an interesting story with some intriguing, well done ideas.

Katarina Radivojevic film clip (collages below)

Jovana Stipic film clip (sample below)

TV and Film Clips

Rose Leslie, from Game of Thrones, in Honeymoon (2014) in 720p
(sadly, no frames with both face and naughty bits)

Alyson Bath in Evil Feed (2013) in 1080hd

Jessica Schwarz in Die Tuer (2010) in 1080hd

Kate Moran in Man At Bath (2010)

Suzie Toase in Hotel Babylon (s4e2)

Darby Stanchfield in The Picture of Dorian Gray (2005)