Season 3, episodes 1 and 2

The witty, cynical series begins season three with a bang. Literally. The very first scene involves Hank (Duchovny) falling asleep while he's having sex with a woman (Kristine Blackport). That scene is here. (Even though this is up here in my section, these vids were made by others. They were finished before I watched it, so I didn't duplicate their efforts because I was working with the same source, so the quality would have been identical.)

There was no other female nudity in Episode 1, and there was no nudity at all in Episode 2, but Eva Amurri, Sarandon's daughter, showed off some great cleavage in preparation for future episodes. (She plays a smart stripper.)


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Part 2 of 2

Marion Peterson and Valerie Allain film clips. Raw screen grabs below.





Linzi Drew film clip

Raw screen grabs










Keeley Hazell - calendar

Mary LeGault in Murder Loves Killers Too

Lady Gaga working almost naked

Stacy Grant in Tease

Melanie Laurent in Dikkenek

Film Clips

Elise Schaap and Halina Reijn in Temmen van de Feeks

Willeke van Ammelrooy in Lost Paradise

Maria Ozawa in -Maid's Secret: Welcome Home (sample right). The beautiful Eurasian woman is now one of the most popular adult actresses in Asia. This is a medium-core example of her work.
Vahina Giocante in Le Premier Cercle (sample right)
Diana Garcia in Sin Nombre (sample right)