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Talk Sex


Talk Sex (2001) is an example of couples erotica, romantic comedy division.

Kelli McCarty has a morning sex talk show where she advocates that women explore their sexuality, be the aggressors if necessary, and sleep with anyone that appeals to them. Her show is followed by a new one hosted by Bobby Johnston, where he advocates sex within the bounds of commitment and emotional connection. In other words, they are polar opposites. The format of their shows is listener call-in, so we get to hear and see sex experiences of many women. Eventually, the producers realize that their two "sex talk" stars belong on the same show. It is at that point that the film is most interesting because their verbal battles are entertaining. Of course, we all know opposites attract, and it is only a matter of time before they get together and create a passionate happy ending.

Lots of nudity in this one as follows:

  • Kelli McCarty: Full frontal and rear
  • April Flowers: Breasts and gyno shot
  • Renee Rea: Breasts, buns and bush
  • Julie Edenhurst: Breasts and male full frontal
  • Jacy Andrews: Full frontal and rear plus gyno shot
  • Jezebelle Bond: Full frontal and rear plus gyno shot
  • Katie Lohmann: Full frontal and rear plus gyno shot
  • Devinn Lane: Breasts, buns and clit piercing
  • Nikki Fairchild: Full frontal and rear plus gyno shot

There is a lot of flesh on display, and none of the sex scenes are long enough to get boring. The verbal battles between the two leads also provide entertaining filler between the sex scenes, so  this is recommended for genre fans.

Talk Sex DVD Kelli McCarty Jacy Andrews (2001)

Like many of these former Skinemax titles, it is only available in the US from RLDVDs.com on a dual region (1 and 4) English language DVD with optional Spanish subtitles.



Nikki Fairchild



Jacy Andrews



Jezebelle Bond



Katie Lohmann



Devinn Lane



Kelli McCarty



April Flowers



Julie Edenhurst



Renee Rea











Code Name: The Cleaner

Today is a "No-Nudes" day.


Lucy Liu just looking good.


Nicollette Sheridan showing off her new underwear.









Notes and collages


Brigid Brannagh, Season 2, Episode 6







Latin Lover

Another visit to the lusty, R-rated Peruvian soap opera.

Paola Aravena


Silvia Caballero






Finally, a director's cut with some value: additional Diane Kruger nudity from Troy


Film clips: All the nudity from Tell Me You Love Me, episode 1: Ally Walker, Michelle Borth and Sonya Walger
Film clips: All the nudity from Tell Me You Love Me, episode 2: Michelle Borth and Sonya Walger
Film clips: A film nudity classic, Rebecca Romijn in Femme Fatale






Valerie Mairesse - "L'une chante - l'autre pas"
Suzanne von Bordsody - Torn Hearts
Susan Sarandon - Pretty Baby
Sabine von Maydell - episode of Der Alte
Rebecca Mosselmann - episode of Abgefahren
Rebecca Mosselmann - Krieger und Liebhaber
Monique Gabrielle - Chaned Heat
Joan Severance - Almost Pregnant
Gesine Cukrowski - an episode of Der letzte Zeuge
Birgit Doll - another episode of Der letzte Zeuge
Anne Bennent - Brandmale
Anna Falchi - SPQR 2000
Andrea Jonasson - The Spider Net
Anne Parillaud - Gangsters






The Comedy Wire

Comments in yellow...

As always with O.J., weird sideline news is already coming in. For instance, video emerged of O.J. leaving the wedding before the alleged robbery, whistling, "If I Only Had A Brain."

*  He left before the groom said, "Till death do us part," to keep the bride from freaking out.

In London, Ontario, a driver lost control of his vehicle on a Highway 401 on-ramp, roared through a grass median, jumped into 60 mph traffic and caused a three-car pile-up.  Police say he was driving while eating a bowl of cereal. 

*  It was low-fat granola...He wants to live a long time.

*  Luckily, there were no fatalities, or the driver might've been charged with being a cereal killer.

The leader of a Palestinian terrorist group called Madonna and Britney
Spears "prostitutes" and threatened to cut off their heads if they didn't convert to Islam and stop spreading their "Satanic" culture.

*   Well, they say even a broken clock is right twice a day.